Wrapped In the Covers: Cute Is What We Aim For “The Curve Of Curves”

wrapped-in-the-covers-cute-is-what-we-aim-forLast weekend at Warped we jokingly went to watch Cute Is What We Aim For because we thought there’d be like five people there. Much to our surprise it was one of the biggest crowds I’d seen at a side stage all day. Also, who knew that first album of theirs was such an influential hit? There was one girl who looked like she was having a religious experience. I can’t hate though. They put on one hell of a show and sounded better than I remember – so I’ve been spinning that record all week and had to dedicate this week to them and their curses.

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Mosey Jones: Spinning


Over in New York sits a group that goes by the name of Mosey Jones and in a few days they’ll release an EP called Spinning. The following are my thoughts on this ‘90s inspired record that’s riddled with wishing for the past done in an indie punk fashion.

For the most part this was a fun record. “Casual Companion” and the play on words of “How The Turntables” were enjoyable romps while “Linda Schuyler” slowed the party down. The music in that one is superb and worth the mention though. The cherry on top comes with “Hello, Again.” It’s here you find that wishful thinking and the most relatable track (well for me anyway). But really, who doesn’t “want love?” Seriously though, if you’re going to take a chance on any of the four tracks – let “Hello, Again” be your introductory course into the world of Mosey Jones.

In four tracks you get a good chunk of indie punk fashioned after the ‘90s, a pinch of serious tones and a track that’s top notch. Not bad for an EP, right? So if the above tickled your fancy then you have to check out Mosey JonesSpinning, out June 27.

Sad And French: Sad And French

sad-and-french-self-titled-reviewFalling for someone and having them essentially not feel the same way you do is one of the cruelest forms of torture when it comes to humanity. It takes a toll on your mind, heart and sanity AND you might spend days, weeks or years getting over them – but eventually the sun will rise again on your dismal state. But while you wallow in that darkness, you can turn it into something good. That’s what Sad And French’s self-titled essentially is. It’s a break-up record telling tales of heartache on a folk punk landscape.

First off, it’s not all musical sadness. There are a few tracks that lend themselves to perk you up thanks to their upbeat arrangements; “Bloody Faces” and “Second Floor.” However, it was the ones that showcased that idea of loss that really made Sad And French a top notch album. Songs like “Against The Rules” and “Another Way To Let You Go” were clear stages of heartbreak. The first being honest and saying you hope they remember you and the other about truly letting go. Then of course there’s the anger…“Sweet Little Nightmare.” That one took the cake in being the most emotionally driven and passionate with lines like “I hope you get what you fucking deserve.”

Even if you’re not into folk music that takes a punk turn, Sad And French is recommended for anyone going through that horrid time in their life. You’ll like it as well if you’re a fan of Lucero and Bright Eyes too. Nevertheless you can pick up Sad And French, out now on Black Numbers.