Winning The Loser’s Bracket: WOOD

winning-the-losers-bracket-wood-reviewWhenever you’re out with my grandma she will point out trees. I’m not sure when her fascination with them was born but it still remains a characteristic we love about her, and while I’m not sure Winning The Loser’s Bracket’s WOOD would be her choice musically – she’d sure appreciate all the tree references. She’s not so much a fan of punk music that’s been stripped down into an emo form that sits close to a heavy indie feel.

The passion behind tracks like “Palm” and “Douglass Fir” made them stand outs towards the end of my listening experience, but there was something about the honesty and being able to connect with “Willow” and “Ash” that made me smile through their sadness. One spoke of pushing away those you love and the other took a very serious turn. The best though was a tie between the acoustic ditty “Bradford Pear” that was about being stuck in the past, and “Locust.” That had a line “crying as I write this…” that basically sums up 80% of my writing. Fucking tears, why are you always present?

If you’re a fan of trees like my good ol’ grandma or just like when pop punk’s taken down and stirred with an emo stick – then Winning The Loser’s Bracket is just the band for you. So take what I said, run with it and then run and get WOOD, out now.

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