Islander: Violence & Destruction


There is a big life choice to make in the next couple of hours – stay at a job that makes me suicidal or quit and rough it for awhile? As I weigh the options and outcomes I have Islander’s Violence & Destruction blasting through my usual morning silence. Their hard rock style blended with hardcore elements and softer sides are enough to distract me from the reality I will soon face.

I was instantly taken back to my roots as soon as “Counterfeit” started playing. I could see bros in Affliction tees at a summer festival with Budlights in hand. The same images arose with “Side Effects of Youth” and “Criminals” featuring P.O.D.’s Sunny Sandoval. Those who like all that hardcore action – please, check those out. Those of us who like things a little tamer will be sitting with “Count Dracula,” “Cold Speak” and the very surprising “Kingdom.” I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting a slow one like that to pop up amidst the all the heavy laced rock, but it was appreciated.

Islander has managed to make a record that takes their full throttle energy to the forefront while still leaving room for the less abrasive aspects of their sound. They’re like the love child of Rage and Deftones. So if you think you can handle that, check out Violence & Destruction, out July 8 on Victory Records.

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