Una Jensen: “The Way It Goes” – Two Years Later, Two Years Wiser

una-jensen-the-way-it-is-The last time I came into contact with Una Jensen, she was this punk kid who turned to music and made one of the most infectious pop rock records I heard back in 2012. So when her name popped up in my inbox a few days ago I was excited and expected to hear more or less the same. What came was a new Una, a more mature Una – which sounds weird since she’s still just a young kid in my eyes. She feels old? Girl, wait until you’re almost 30…Anyways her latest single “The Way It Goes” may not sound like anything like what I fell in love with a couple years ago, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to it on repeat that first day. She’s matured gracefully in her songwriting and delivery and I’m stoked to share Una’s latest single, “The Way It Goes,” with you all, but before that – we have to do a quick check in with her! Dont’ forget to mark your calendars for June 24th because that’s when this baby drops!

Kendra: What’s been going on with you? It’s been about two years since we last spoke…I see you’ve cut your hair, what else is new?

Una Jensen: Hey!! Well a lot has happened in the past two years! Yeah, I cut my hair and dyed it blonde. I’ve been working on some new material, changing it up with more pop songs rather than the rock vibe that was conveyed in Shout It Loud And Clear. Just went through a big break up and I’ve realized that I need to focus on finding myself, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Kendra: Listening to “The Way It Goes,” it sounds like you’ve done a lot of growing up musically, which you just mentioned as well…But will we still get a little something something that sounds like “Let’s Write A Song” on the new music you’ve been working on?

Una: Yeah, dude, it’s funny cause “Let’s Write” was written when I had just turned 15 and I’m about to turn 18…Whoa… I’m old. I think I’ve sort of grown out of the teen pop punk thing, but I’m still a total goofball…You may see some more mustaches and wigs

Kendra: Are you going to be tossing in any covers at your shows coming up this summer?

Una: Uh, this summer, I may be playing some covers that you might not recognize right off the bat… I do this cover of “Toxic” by Britney Spears that is sort of bluesy and ambient. I love seeing people’s faces when they realize what song it is!!

Kendra: What collaborations would you ideally want to do in the near future?

Una: I’d love to collab with Justin Timberlake…Like that would complete my life. Also, Ryan Tedder. They’re both amazing and it would be an honor to write with them.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that represented your personal growth from Shout It Loud And Clear to now, what five songs would have to be on it?

Ain’t It Fun” – Paramore
Dare” – Shakira
I Love It” – Icona pop
Applause” – Lady Gaga
Magic” – Coldplay


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