Duffs of Good Knives: Taco Trucks from LA to the UK

good-knives-interview-golden-mixtapeOne of the greatest things about LA is that you’re never bored with who you see. You could go out every day and see a million new faces on one trip to the grocery store. Okay, so a million is a little farfetched, but you get the idea. Everyone here has a story to tell and many traveled the world to get here to do something more. That is the case with Good Knives, most of them call LA home but that doesn’t mean they’ve turned their backs on their native land in the UK. Okay, so their guitarist Duffs might say LA’s just a bit better due to one staple the City of Angels has…but you’ll have to keep on reading to see what that is. You’ll also discover their tour goals, how Good Knives split time between LA and the UK and more…

Kendra: How do you guys fare with splitting time between the US and UK?

Duffs: We’ve made it work. Technology is awesome. Between whatsapp and Skype, Shauny P. doesn’t seem that far away. On a plane, it’s only 10 hours. We don’t really think it’s that crazy. I mean it’s crazy you can be on the other side of the world in 10 hours. Taking 10 hours out of your life to get there isn’t that big of a deal for us. You have time for whatever you want in life. We want to do this so we make it work.

Kendra: Have you picked up any LA habits that you take back home that your friends are like, wow…you’re so LA now…

Duffs: Most of us live in LA so I think we are pretty LA. LA is one of the greatest cities in the world. It’s also very misunderstood from outsiders. You have this place, filled with people who left wherever they are from. They all have a story and want to be a part of something else. They may not have felt at home growing up wherever they were. It makes for a fantastic melting pot of creative and driven personalities. There is always something new to discover. It’s like 20 cities in one. Plus you have the world’s greatest taco trucks. If you don’t like tacos, you just a terrible human being.

Kendra: Do you think A Place Called Doubt have a more UK or US sound?

Duffs: I honestly have no idea. That’s not really for us to decide. We sound like whatever people think we sound like.

Kendra: How was your recent tour, any horror stories to share?

Duffs: This tour was horror story free. No breakdowns, no missing band members, no kidnapping, no murders.

Kendra: Do you guys ever set any types of goals before you hit the road?

Duffs: Our goals are to promote the shows as best as possible, perform as good as possible, and to hope that fans show up and enjoy the show. Fans showed up and enjoyed the shows, so the biggest goal was met, which makes me happy and keeps us going.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that represented the rest of your 2014, what five songs would have to be on it?

Ice T- “New Jack Hustler
Eminem – “Rap God
How to Destroy Angels- “How Long
A$AP Rocky – “Fucking Problems
Twenty One Pilots – “Car Radio


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