Wrapped In The Covers: Katy Perry “Teenage Dream”

wrapped-in-the-covers-katy-perry-teenage-dreamNot in a particularly good mood today…this week…but I told myself I’d stop crying at 11am and here we are almost 30 minutes after my time limit trying to get back on the horse of responsibility. There were an array of songs I wanted to showcase today but after not finding much in Colbie Caillat department, and not being able to decide on a Jack’s Mannequin song – I landed on Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” She’s my pop queen and although she’s strayed further and further away from the sound she started out at…I still love her all the same. Will I pay to see her show, oh hecks no…her setlist isn’t sprinkled with enough of my favorites from the first album, but ironically enough we’re shining a light on one from the second album…So here we go…

Colin Healy

Hannah Trigwell

Alex Goot


Laura Oakes

The Horrible Crowes


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