Polaris Rose: Duos & Oceans in LA

polaris-rose-interview-golden-mixtapeLiving so close to the beauty of the Pacific Ocean has really spoiled me from ever taking it in. I can count the number of times I’ve been able to head to the sand because I have friends who loathe the sun – trust, they’d rather soak up the gloom of rain than the lovely rays of California. Anyways, I’m glad some people can not only appreciate the wonder of this are, but capture it in song. People like LA’s own Polaris Rose.

They just dropped their OceanSongs EP last month and you can read here why it was a Golden Coast soundtrack, but that’s only after you take in what Polaris Rose’s Madelynn Elyse had to say about her and Peter Anthony’s next record, touring and more.

Kendra: What famous duo (real or fiction, past or present) do you guys feel you’re most like when it comes to creating and working together and why?

Madelynn Elyse: Bonnie & Clyde?  Ha ha, that’s tough.  We’ve never been asked that before.  We think it might be a bit like Trey Parker & Matt Stone, based on some interviews we’ve seen.

Kendra: OceanSongs has a very California vibe to it, but did you guys actually take solace on the sand and write at the beach at all? If so, which one(s)?

Madelynn: The song “Ocean Ending” was written about a trip Peter took to the beach, but not in sunny California.  Instead, it was up in Washington State, where it was cold and overcast.  Peter had gone there for a weekend camping trip.  It was actually at La Push Beach.

Kendra: I was surprised to see that you two are already working on your next record. How will the LP differ from the EP?

Madelynn: We try to give each release a certain vibe/motif.  While OceanSongs has that ocean metaphor running throughout, the LP we are working on now has a “city” vibe to it.  It’s a darker record; more progressive.

Kendra: Will any song from OceanSongs get revamped for the full length?

Madelynn: No, the LP is all new material.

Kendra: You’ve gotten to play around LA, what’s your take on the music scene there? Anything it could improve on?

Madelynn: LA is a unique place.  We are trying to focus on community and building shows ourselves at alternative venues.  We like the idea of putting together a night with bands we love and bringing people together for an entire evening.

Kendra: You also got to escape and head to SXSW this year. How was that?

Madelynn: We’ve been going to SXSW for years.  It’s always wild and it’s fun/interesting to see it evolve over the years.  2014 was no exception.

Kendra: Any other touring for the rest of 2014?

Madelynn: Since we are full-steam-ahead on the LP for the rest of the year, probably no extensive touring.  2015 however…

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape with five of the most free spirited tracks, what would be on it?

Madelynn: Ooooh.  That’s a fun challenge.  Among our favorite local bands, we love…
Nothing Worse,” by Handsome as Sin
This is War,” by That Was Then
Phantasmic Consciousness,” by Tijuana Tears
Rat Racers,” by The Janks
The Gears,” by King Washington


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