Jake Furia: From Acoustics to EDM and Everything In Between

jake-furia-interview-golden-mixtape21…you’re buying your legal first drink, and well…That’s pretty much it for those of us who lack any sort of talent. Maybe we’re closing in on the end of college as well? Anyways, at 21 Jake Furia is definitely doing more than the majority of us.

He’s gone from being in a band to doing his thing in EDM to making his acoustic gems on an EP. Now he’s gearing up got a full length and is ready to take on even more. So if you’re done thinking, damn this young kid is really showing me up – keep on reading on to find out more about Jake like whether or not school’s still something he thinks about and of course what he has in store musically.

Kendra: You’ve covered almost every genre and have done so much in such a short time…Were you like this as a little kid – never able to sit still and taking on a lot?

Jake Furia: Haha, I mean, I certainly hope to get to most of the genres with my first release this fall!  And when was a kid? Yeah, I remember being 10-years-old and singing the harmonies on Guns ‘N Roses’s “Sweet Child ‘O Mine,” and since then how I feel about music has only grown.

Kendra: For instance, you’ve been in a band, are now solo and even dabble in EDM. Which I’d like to know which of those was the easiest to get a grasp on as far as creating music, and performing is concerned?

Jake: 100%, what I do now. As a solo artist, I started last year with Acoustic EP and for me, strumming out some chords and pouring out lyrics was the easiest thing ever. EVEN THOUGH, my debut LP will be much more in depth, and with my full band (The Be-Yourselves)!

Kendra: You up and left college after a semester to pursue music. Do you ever think you’ll hit the books again?

Jake: I do most certainly hope to. I love studying, I love knowledge and just growing my mind in any way I can. I gotta say though, it wasn’t until being out of high school for about two years that I felt that way. If I did go back to school though, I would study Psychology and Cultural Studies.

Kendra: Onto what you have going on now. You’ve got The Acoustic EP from last year and will soon have Where The Ends Fall Off this fall. What kind of growth are we going to be able to hear right off the bat on the new record?

Jake: The most pertinent thing that I want to express about my first LP is the idea of having no boundaries.  I’m sure many artists have said that before but for my album I want to express that it doesn’t quite matter how art is presented so long as the message is clear. My message is nothing but being happy.

Kendra: Is Where The Ends Fall Off all done, or are you still hammering out the fine details?

Jake: Haha nope not yet, we’re set to begin tracking this coming August.

Kendra: Will you be touring before the record drops this year or after?

Jake: I certainly hope to! There is actually at the moment a really wonderful band from my home on Long Island named Oogee Wawa, who has expressed an interest in taking me on tour with them as their supporting act. Certainly keep an eye out though, and definitely check out Oogee they’re great!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that best represented all your different musical sides/influences, what five songs would have to be on there?

Jake: Oh I’m so ready…
Brand New- “Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis
Skrillex- “With You Friends (Long Drive)
Sublime- “5446/Ball And Chain
Chelsea Grin- “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
The Red Hot Chili Peppers- “Snow


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