Fefe Dobson: True Love, Roots and Pop

fefe-dobson-interview-2014-golden-mixtapeTo say exchanging words with Fefe Dobson was great would be an understatement. So it was weird that when I went to put something down in this intro I just blanked. Maybe I was still gushing over the Fefe because for years I’ve thought she was an awesome chick who definitely deserved all the recognition that came her way. So instead of me continuing to go on and on, let’s just get to it. She was not only honored to be on Degrassi back in the day (who wouldn’t be?) but she’s talking about her new album that’s not a trick but a treat, and dishing about her roots and love.

Kendra: So we’ve gotten a tiny taste of to expect from Firebird, but we need more. So being that we just got over with St. Patrick’s Day and are approaching Easter, if you had to compare Firebird to a holiday, which would it be and why?

Fefe Dobson: “Legacy” was the first single off the new album. It was more upbeat but still extremely musical and intricate. With head phones you can hear so many instruments going off. It’s pretty cinematic. Actually that’s kind of how the whole album is. Like a movie trailer. That’s what I was inspired by. “In Better Hands” is more of the straight ahead pop track. There are, though, some beautiful strings throughout. Comparing Firebird to a holiday, I would have to say Halloween. That’s my favourite. One of the only days I feel I can be as honest and odd as I want.

Kendra: “In Better Hands” made me curious as to who you felt you could trust most. Like whose hands would you trust your life in?

Fefe: The song is about finally finding a love that you can trust fully with your heart. True love. True trust. The ultimate safety net.

Kendra: Does your fiancé help out with your music or do you guys keep one another’s projects separate?

Fefe: He is my main inspiration.

Kendra: Moving from music just a bit. Do you think you would’ve dove into your Jamaican roots if you hadn’t gotten that part in Home Again?

Fefe: Yes of course. I am half Jamaican and am proud of it! Also not too long ago I found out I am closely related to Jamaican athlete Donald Quarrie. He’s one of the world’s top sprinters in the 1970’s. He’s got a statue in Jamaica! It’s pretty awesome!

Kendra: That being said, did you feel like a piece of your puzzle was placed in when you met back up with your dad?

Fefe: Yes. It took me time to open up and let him into my life. But I’m glad I did. Having a father is a new feeling for me. He’s missed a lot but he’s doing his best.

Kendra: Like you, I’m mixed and grew up with my mom who’s white and had to deal with being called “Oreo” and “coconut” because I didn’t fit into the idea of what they thought I should be. I heard you had similar experiences when it came time to pitch you as an artist. Do you have advice for those out there struggling between who they are and who society thinks they should be?

Fefe: Say fuck it, and be you. Nothing is more real and more cool than the person you naturally are.

Kendra: Speaking of black and white, to lighten things – what’s up with 99.9% of your Instagram having the same filter?

Fefe: I love black and white photography; classic.

Kendra: Back to the music…Are there any artists you’re still interested in working with, possibly newer ones who are still under the radar that have caught your attention?

Fefe: I really adore Lana Del Rey.

Kendra: Before we wrap up, you do your rock thing so well, but can write a pop song like no other. Do you have to put yourself in a different mindset when approaching different genres when it comes to writing?

Fefe: Ya’, for pop I can’t have too much to drink. For good ole rock and roll I’m good with a few glasses of wine.

Kendra: Going off a bold tee you wore, if you had to make a “corporate pop still sucks” mixtape, what five songs would have to be on it?

Fefe: I guess they’d have to be pop tracks that are guilty pleasures…so…
Start All Over” – Miley Cyrus, have to say that one cos i wrote it with some pals.
Gimme More” – Britney Spears
MMMBop” -Hanson
Barbie Girl” – Aqua
Hangin’ Tough” – New Kids On The Block


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