Wrapped in the Covers: Tracy Chapman “Fast Car”

wrapped-in-the-covers-tracy-chapman-fast-carWhen you become an older brother or sister, it’s weird. You automatically have this person who takes all the attention off you and you’re bitter at first – I know I was. Then you get over it and hopefully grow to be close friends. With this week being my baby brother’s 21st birthday, I wanted to showcase one of his favorite songs. He’s a huge rap fan…He knows all about his local scene and this is without the internet…So he’s going total old school with his love of music. In between all of his hip hop love, he found Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and when he did he listened to it on repeat and along with an insane love for A Goofy Movie and chicken nuggets – this is something else we share. So here are some of my favorite covers of one of my little brother’s favorite songs.

Sean McDonagh


Trey O’Dell

Lulu Albelda



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