A Day Without Love: Confessions of the Innocent Mind

a-day-without-love-confessions-of-the-innocent-mind-review Facebook is on the fritz and that means my 2014 brain can’t function without liking the latest baby picture out of spite. I’m taking deep breaths while listening to a new one from A Day Without Love. Last time it was an emotional ride, this time things were amped up and ready to go on Confessions of the Innocent Mind.

The emotion was still there as “Save” played like someone’s cry for help. A person looking for “meaning to this feeling” that’s a cocktail of confusion and grief. Good overall, but it was the energy of “Exposed” that really took the winning end of this record. The funk of the start then goes into an alternative track that goes in and out of grunge. It was like listening to a chameleon; each turn a different shade but the overall structure remained the same.

It could be a quick one, but if you continue to hit repeat…two songs could last you all day, week, month. This alternative outlet from Philly is ready for the taking, so make sure to check out A Day Without Love’s Confessions of the Innocent Mind, because it’s available right now. Don’t miss out.

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