Matt Tybor of The Bunny The Bear: Last Meals & Parenting

matt-tybor-the-bunny-the-bear-interview-golden-mixtapeWhen I was younger people in masks and costumes was not the business. I loved Chip N’ Dale, but getting me near them at Disneyland would be a miracle back in the early ‘90s. Today I’m glad to say the only masked creatures that strike fear in me are the ones who parade around Hollywood looking for tips, so that means I’m totally fine with The Bunny The Bear and their covered faces.

At first the only thing that was odd about them to me was their sound, hardcore and electronic melted in the same pot, but then in walked their Acoustic EP and I found myself smitten. Today they have not only that record but a whole new one full of the music they’ve crafted as their own with Food Chain. They’re currently on the road opening for Mindless Self Indulgence, and the rest of 2014 looks even brighter – so like always, keep on reading on to find out more from Matt “The Bunny” Tybor of The Bunny The Bear as he opens up about Tim Burton, sexy times and more.

Kendra: After hearing Stories, I thought your musical parents could be Lady Gaga and Underoath. Out of the two, who do you think would be the better parent?

The Bunny: I think which we were closer to would change depending on which of our albums you’re basing it off of I suppose. I definitely see how them two banging it out could result in my writing though, haha.

Kendra: Since you have an array of styles to your music, how’s your recording process – do you just let the songs come about naturally or is there a heavy discussion on whether to lean more electro on this song, less hardcore on that one, etc?

The Bunny: I’m the only songwriter so there’s never really a discussion. I’d say it’s just free flowing. I just write whatever comes out naturally at the time. Just bleed out whatever I can at the time.

Kendra: To me, whether you’re doing things like your regular selves or softening it and going acoustic, you sound like a Tim Burton movie. If you had to compare Food Chain to a Burton movie, which would it be?

The Bunny: I’ll take that as a compliment! As far as which movie, I’ll go with Sweeney Todd.

Kendra: Your acoustic record is currently on my “favs of 2014” list, and I was shocked to hear such refined vocals. Are there others who are like, whoa…when they hear that side of you guys?

The Bunny: I’ve certainly gotten a few of those reactions. I dig it though!

Kendra: Really quick, what do these “sexytimes” on your Facebook entail?

The Bunny: Honestly?! No clue. Just seems suiting!

Kendra: Back to Food Chain, but not so much the musical side of it, but rather the idea of some grub. What would you want your last meal to be?

The Bunny: Homemade Cheese Pierogis for sure!

Kendra: Let’s get to some live talk. How are things going with Mindless Self Indulgence? Is it harder to be an opener for a band like that, one with such a dedicated fan base?

The Bunny: It’s been going great! They really do have a very dedicated fanbase, I’ve been very surprised how well people have taken to our music and enjoyed the show!

Kendra: What about you guys, will you be heading out on your own tour this year?

The Bunny: For sure! Tour tour tour! That’s the way it goes! No specifics yet, but soon!

Kendra: With all the drama your music takes on, if you had to make a mixtape for a theatrical performance based on your career so far which five songs would be in the production?

The Bunny: That’s an amazing question. I am really not sure. I’d probably just fill it with Brand New songs though haha.


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