Darren Campbell: Home is Where the Pubs and Music Are

darren-campbell-interview-golden-mixtapeOnce place I’ll never see due to an insane fear of flying and lack of funds is Scotland. I don’t know much about it but can pretend to do an accent that’ll probably offend most, so I won’t. However now I do have something in my brain about it – Darren Campbell. He’s a singer/songwriter who hails from that far off land and has a grasp on what needs to be done to make his presence known around the world.

While he’s playing various gigs around his hometown, and swearing that Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow would be a fan of his music – he’s also working hard to get his music out and dreaming about SXSW. You can find out more about Darren Campbell if you just keep on reading…Why would you want to stop right here? Get to the good stuff…

Kendra: When I first listened to your music I got this vibe that you were a guy who used to be in a band but left to do your own thing. Any truth to that or am I just painting false pictures in my head?

Darren Campbell: Yeah this is true! I used to play in a rock band through my school years, but decided I wanted to go under my own name as it gives me more control and it is up to me to make myself work for success, I don’t have to rely on anyone else!

Kendra: With your latest single being “Home,” what’s one thing that always reminds you of the place you rest your head?

Darren: I stay in a really beautiful part of my city, there is a small gathering of pubs and bars and the waterfront with a beautiful view over the river, so probably that! Lots of good times there.

Kendra: All these singles, are you going to have a full record soon?

Darren: The reason I am only doing singles at the moment, is because I am not signed and still building a fanbase, so I want to have my latest and best song out as soon as possible , so I don’t have to spend a year or two promoting an album of old songs, if you get me!

Kendra: What do you have in store for your show in Cupar on 3/28?

Darren: Well it is an acoustic set with me and my Cajon player. So a lot of my own songs, I don’t usually like doing covers live.

Kendra: What about the US, is there a venue you’ve heard great things about that you want to play in the future?

Darren: Well SXSW sounds awesome, and Warped Tour! My brother’s band Misterwives were playing at SXSW this year!

Kendra: What about some of your other must-dos, are there any immediate goals on your list right now?

Darren: At the moment I’m spending every hour of my day working towards becoming a full time singer songwriter that tours the world, that’s my dream! Maybe when I’m really older and my voice is no use I will get into writing books etc. But my all time goal is becoming a legendary singer songwriter and I won’t stop until I achieve that!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for someone heading to Scotland, which five songs would have to be on it?

Darren: I love all genres of music, but for a road trip through Scotland I’d have calming songs.
Promise” – Ben Howard
Gracious” – Ben Howard
The Mother We Share” – Chvrches
Hammers and Strings” – Jack’s Mannequin
Also, for my selfish purposes I’d throw on my track “Home


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