The Bunny The Bear: Acoustic EP

the-bunny-the-bear-acoustic-ep-reviewWho is this band and what have you done with The Bunny The Bear I met almost a year ago with Stories? I’m just asking and not complaining because this version is the one I prefer. While their usual stuff is a mix of electronics, metal, and fear – their Acoustic EP is far, far from that showing off their softer musicianship and vocals.

You won’t find a dance party this time around with The Bunny The Bear, but most of what’s on this record is like the best of Bert McCracken when he was having his actual singing moments on the first two Used albums – only a little more polished. “When You’re Alone” and “Every Boy” are sentiments to that while “What Shades We Make” is the golden child. It’s like when you’d watch Jenny Jones’ makeover shows and the out of control mom would come out all suave. All you can do is go, “Oh my god, no way it’s the same person!” In this case, band.

Last year I wouldn’t have guessed that an album put out by The Bunny The Bear would be an early contender for my top of 2014, but it’s now on the list. If you liked what The Used did prior to Lies for the Liars, then you’ll like this Acoustic EP, out March 18th on Victory Records. You can also check them out on tour with Mindless Self Indulgence starting March 12 and wrapping up at the end of the Month.



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