Melanie Martinez: From Biggie to Pastels

melanie-martinez-interview-golden-mixtapeThere are so many singing competitions out there and four times as many hopefuls that pass through their auditions, stage shows, hoops, etc. – that you tend to lose track. You may remember one or two each season but they kind of all blur together UNLESS they’re unique enough to really stick out. Whether it’s approaching the competition in a manner never heard before or standing out among the usual cookie cutter molds, that’s the only way you’ll be remembered once you’re said and done on primetime. Well that’s exactly what Melanie Martinez did on The Voice when she landed on Team Adam after turning Britney Spears’ “Toxic” into a dark and mesmerizing delight.

While she didn’t go on to win, no one can forget the young two-toned hair girl with an affection for bows who would never cease to put a spell on viewers on a weekly basis. I for one had to immediately buy her rendition of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” Now she’s past all that and trudging forward with a torch held high and shining bright towards a future as a leading lady in the dark pop realm.

Having just played a show at New York’s infamous Gramercy Theater, Melanie was nervous but is excited to hit the road some more in 2014. So definitely stay on top of that. In the mean time keep on reading on to find out about songs she won’t touch, her new single “Dollhouse” and more.

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My Body Sings Electric: Part 1: The Night Ends

my-body-sings-electric-part-1-the-night-ends-reviewLet’s all give one another a hand for making it to the end of the week in one piece, and if you didn’t and you had a breakdown or something – we’re wishing you well and that next time you’ll have a better time. With that being said, I wanted to end on a high note and thankfully My Body Sings Electric’s Part 1: The Night Ends was in my calendar for today because it’s just that…for the most part. While I could’ve done without a couple tracks here and there, I enjoyed singing along best I could to most.

Their fusion of pop, rock and a good time reminded me a bit of Vinny Vegas’ The Big White Whale minus the progressive rock and with a lot more pop. Both records made great use of their vocalists’ strengths and ability to really take control of the lyrical situations. As for the songs that inhabited Part 1: The Night Ends, I adopted “Too Long, Didn’t Read” as my new life mantra but I couldn’t take home the actual song. the same goes with “Head Out West.” Those just weren’t as fun to sing along to as “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and “Wild Things.”

We’re at the end of the week and the end of this review. Before I go and probably write some lists for pennies this weekend, I’ll leave you with this – if you’re a fan of pop music that has a rock twist then you’ll enjoy what My Body Sings Electric has going on. Good news too, it’s not a long wait until Part 1: The Night Ends drops February 25th.