Aric of The Brevet: Civil Americans on TV

the-brevet-interview-golden-mixtapeSometimes you read through answers you’re given back and you just want to find a flag and salute. That’s how Aric of The Brevet’s made me feel. He and his band out of Southern California have a sound that makes bald eagles soar. At least that’s what I hear and feel. They really love their country and its vast history, so much so they put all that they can into their Americana meets rock sound.

So let’s get patriotic, musical and settle down with some TV because that’s all that’s discussed with Aric of The Brevet in the following formations of letters and punctuation.

Kendra: Going off your guys name, do any of you have ties to the military?

Aric Damm: Both sides of my family have a long history in the military. But we really just love American history and felt that the “brevet” rank given in the Civil War was a great representation of what we are trying to do with our music. We aren’t doing it for any other reason besides the fact that we love making music!

Kendra: I don’t know if you’re a fan of Fox’s new show Enlisted but sticking with the whole military thing –there’s three guys on that and three of you so I wanted to see if which of their main characters each of you were like; Pete (all-American older brother), Derrick (cynical middle brother) and Randy (clueless but really devoted younger brother).

Aric: All-American would be me, cynical middle brother would be Michael (even though he isn’t cynical at all haha) and David would for sure be Randy.

Kendra: Now on to the music…If you had to compare your record, Battle of the Heart, to an American landmark, what would it be and why?

Aric: Fort Sumter National Monument – This is where the civil war began. Our stories have many parallels to the Civil War, which are applied within today’s context. Fort Sumter feels appropriate, as Battle of the Heart was the piece of work where we really first communicated this

Kendra: That record’s almost a year old. Are you guys working on any new material right now?

Aric: We are! We are currently recording news songs that we are really proud of! We will be sharing some exciting news in the very near future!

Kendra: I have to say congrats on all the TV spots…90210, American Idol and NBC’s Growing Up Fisher. Have you guys tried to get on another NBC show, Parenthood since they have a recording studio in their storylines?

Aric: Thank you!! We have not! But that would be AMAZING. Our awesome team at Platform has been doing such great things for us and getting us shown to a bigger audience.

Kendra: You’ve had a lot of success with today’s TV, but if you could take a time machine back and have your music featured on a show from your childhood, which would it be?

Aric: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Legends of the Hidden Temple would be SWEET. Have that host repel into the show when our song is playing would be the child in us’ ultimate dream! (Please, tell me you know Legends of the Hidden Temple). I’d probably also say Boy Meets World?? I don’t know hahaha.

Note: This girl has a Purple Parrots hoodie, she knows…she knows…and was beaming when she read that answer.

Kendra: One thing I noticed about you guys was you’re really into storytelling. If someone were to write The Brevet’s story, what would the first and last line be?

Aric: First line: Aric & Michael’s first band was in 7th grade, where they “produced” their first album and sold it to classmates – needless to say, it was awful. Last line: Finally, they’ve won that Grammy from their platinum record and became this year’s #1 most illegally downloaded artist.

Kendra: Other than on TV, will fans be hearing you guys live this year – any tour dates to mention?

Aric: They will be hearing A LOT of us live this year! We will be announcing shows very soon!

Kendra: Inspired by your song “Ups and Downs,” if you had to make a mixtape to help someone through the ups and downs of life, what five songs would have to be on there?

Elvis Presley- “All Shook Up
Lord Huron- “Ends of the Earth
Coldplay- “Don’t let it Break Your Heart
Bruce Springsteen- “Land of Hopes and Dreams
Kings of Leon- “Beautiful War


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