Head North: Scrapbook Minds

head-north-scrapbook-minds-reviewAnxiety has gotten the best of me today and I apologize to my list of “to do” for taking too long today. I started listening to Head North way too long ago and after multiple attacks and a few cat naps I’ve finally found a peace of mind to sit down and react. Their record Scrapbook Minds is kind of like how the inside of my brain has been feeling as of late; even the relaxed state is strained while the chaos plays on and strong.

When “Brooklyn” I felt at ease even though I’ve never seen its bridge, I could tell this city meant a lot to them. The song is both heartfelt and edgy, as if their admiration for the place they call home can sometimes be a pain. It was the only song on Scrapbook Minds that I kept heading back to. Then you had the commotion, and what I feel makes Head North’s live show worth checking out with “Endeavors.” When that settled, you could get a grasp on the way they attack pop punk with “Tremors” and “Jake’s Apartment,” which reminded me of the calmer Wonder Years tracks.

I think I can move on with the rest of my day now, and end with telling you that Head North is for pop punk fans that are a little more refined and set in their ways. So you can make sure to check out Scrapbook Minds when it drops February 18th, and also don’t forget to check them out on tour with Broadside, starting March 7th in Buffalo, NY.



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