Bravesoul: The Infinite Hourglass

bravesoul-the-infinite-hourglass-reviewIt’s been a longtime since I’ve written at 1am but here I am with Bravesoul’s The Infinite Hourglass questioning things. Like, did someone make Adam Levine go through puberty and place him in a new band? That was my first question as I started this record and the answer is no. Adam’s still selling Proactive while Bravesoul is busy proving why they’re worth that Vh1 “You Oughta Know” title.

That whole Maroon 5 thing came from their lead single “Timebomb” and the slight comparison stayed there; as the rest of the record took my mind elsewhere. My thoughts kind of, no it definitely went to the gutter. I couldn’t help it because “Animals” and “By Ourselves” are songs that lend themselves to naughty thoughts. The vocals ooze with sensuality and the lyrics could be that of “Mary had a Little Lamb” and the song would still sound like the soundtrack to a hot and bothered movie scene.

Bravesoul is on the right track to be a radio darling in 2014 thanks to being a sound that resonates with passion, and some help from a channel that finds time to celebrate music. If you’re a fan of bands like Bastille, and don’t need the accents then you’ll want to check out LA’s own Bravesoul and The Infinite Hourglass out February 18th.


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