Dynasty Electric: Fashionistas of Euphoria

dynasty-electric-interview-golden-mixtapeSitting all day without someone breathing down my neck to do the tasks of 20 men, and doing nothing but writing – that’s my idea of complete and udder happiness. To you it may be traveling the world, to that guy down the street it may be collecting every Superman comic known to man, but for Brooklyn’s Dynasty Electric it’s all about the music. It’s electronic, it’s rock, it’s a dance party for the movers out there.

Continue on to find out where Dynasty Electric’s sound came from, who’d they’d send to space, and more!

Kendra: Where’d your sound come from, was it more a blend of what you guys already liked or was it more about creating something that just fit?

Dynasty Electric: Our sound has evolved organically over the years through touring, working with different producers, and experimenting in the studio. It’s definitely a blend of music we love.

Kendra: It’s easy to say you are a mash up of this and that, but if you were to compare your latest album, Euphoric, to a tea – what flavor would it be and why?

Dynasty Electric: Chai Latte – Energizing and sweet with a bit of spice.

Kendra: You two photograph like art pieces, which translates into your music. Do you draw inspiration for your style and music from the same places?

Dynasty Electric: Not usually but sometimes. For instance we’ve been greatly inspired by both the fashion and music at Burning Man.

Kendra: Is fashion even that important to you guys?

Dynasty Electric: Fashion is a bit like visual music. We’ve talked about designing our own line of electric clothing.

Kendra: Back to Euphoric. What’s your personal idea of euphoria?

Dynasty Electric: Musical bliss.

Kendra: A little left field, but with all the buzz around Frozen’s “Let It Go,” I thought I’d ask if there was an Disney song you’d want to cover?

Dynasty Electric:The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Kendra: Going off your “Rockit Ship,” if you could send anyone to space with a guarantee they’d never return, who would you send?

Dynasty Electric: I’ll take that trip!

Kendra: You’ve got a couple shows around New York. Any plans to take the show out West?

Dynasty Electric: Definitely. We hope to be on the west coast later this year. Stay tuned!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that was all about being euphoric, what 5 songs would definitely have to be on there?

Dynasty Electric:
Feel Good Inc.” – Gorillaz
Electric Avenue” – Eddie Grant
I Feel Love” – Donna Summer
Over and Over” – Hot Chip
Just Give Me The Beat” – Ghostland Observatory


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