Dillon of Mime Game: Working Selfies

mime-game-interview-golden-mixtapeWhat do you get when you take four guys from Kansas City, MO and place them together? Well there are endless answers to that, but for the sake of this – you get Mime Game. Dudes bred on the idea of “brotherhood” in their music who feel the most alive when on a stage. We’ll get right to it because Dillon Teague DeVoe (guitars & vocals) had a lot to say about where they’ve been, what they’ve done and what Mime Game plan on doing next.

Kendra: You’ve been off the road for a couple months now, but going back – how’d your tour go last year, any horror stories?

Dillon Teague DeVoe: The most horrible thing that happened wasn’t that horrible at all. We all got to know each other really well. We knocked down our walls and we got really uncomfortable. I got kinda wasted and disappeared in Chicago and I think some of the dudes would tell you that walking around in the cold, waiting for me to resurface was no good. There were some fights and we watched a pretty gnarly little wreck happen right in front of us in Nashville but all in all, we really grew as a band. Duncan hasn’t even been our drummer for that long. We’re still getting to know each other, as much as our artistic chemistry is already fully developed.

Kendra: Around that time you’re EP, Do Your Work, dropped. Looking at you guys I expected something that was totally different than what I heard. I thought it was going to be this hardcore record and it wasn’t at all. With that said, what job do you think the EP would be a perfect soundtrack for?

Dillon: One reviewer described it as good driving music and I think I agree with that so you could spin it on your delivery routes. Hopefully our music would also appeal to someone who climbs massive towers to service cable lines or other high stress positions like that where you’re in a shocked state of euphoria while having to remain perfectly cool. I think that’s what’s at the core of our music. Whether it’s tragedy and trauma or a full-on blissful experience, the songs I write aim to calmly deliver their message in a way that won’t send you spiraling down stories below to your death.

Kendra: Since we’re talking jobs, what was your worst one to date and why?

Dillon: Oh my God… I have worked everywhere. From bar back to delivery driver to warehouse grunt to whatever; you name it. My worst was probably landscaping in the blistering heat for twelve hours a day. No headphones, no music, just dirt and tropical plants with barbs that would pierce through your leather gloves. It’s actually when I started rapping because I didn’t have anything else to keep my mind entertained and I still do that a little bit.

Kendra: Do Your Work’s still pretty new and getting attention, so it’s too soon to start thinking about making another album, right?

Dillon: Definitely not. Do Your Work is just a taste of what’s to come. For those that found the EP to be a bit benign, expect a lot more energy from the album to come. It’s been entitled The End of the Beginning and I have about 45 songs written for it, of which the plan is to pick 16 to begin with and cut it down from there until we’re happy with exactly what we have. I can tell you, there will be a lot more of a rhythmic influence on this record with the addition of our man, Duncan. This shit is gonna make you dance.

Kendra: Alright, selfies…some of you take quite a bit, so who’s the biggest selfie whore of the bunch, and do they get called out on it?

Dillon: I am. And no, I think I can get away with it. I have a huge Phoenix tattooed on my chest and I have colored dreads. My life is just madness and I like to document it.

Kendra: Will fans be seeing Mime Game on the road anytime in 2014?

Dillon: Oh yes, indeed, and we’ve been making a lot of good friends so you should be seeing us touring with some really good bands this summer and spring.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape with five songs that’d be hilarious for a mime to interpret, what ones would you pick?

Chocolate” The 1975 would be hilarious and dark.
When We Escape” Minus The Bear
I’m Slowly Turning Into You” The White Stripes
What’s My Age Again?” Blink 182
It’s Not Unusual” Tom Jones


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