Nest: Hadal

nest-hadel-reviewNot much sleep was had last night as things were swirling, and let’s not forget that I actually did everything I had to do today. There was little distraction minus personal things. I gave Nest’s Hadal all I had between heavy eyes and cat naps. Music made for the intellectuals, this record was above me but I listened anyway.

If you were to categorize music like you did colleges, Nest would wind up a UC – it’s got the higher test scores and is more actively involved. It doesn’t mean it’s better than others; it just comes across that way. Songs like “Father Adder” reminded me of Silversun Pickups expect for there was never any moment when we picked it up, while ones like “A Moving Swamp” added to the scholarly feel. Searching through the EP I only leaned on one song time and time again; “Stairs-Stares.” It was the only one that ever made enough noise for me to consider it my top choice. If you can, make sure to get the acoustic version of that one as well.

Just like with higher education, you have to go with what fits you. If you’re into bands that are more respectable like Brand New and Mew, than apply all you can to Nest. If this sounds like something you’d be into, make Hadal your top choice. It’s out now on Broken Circles, so check it.

The Visit: “Between Worlds”

the-visit-between-worlds-reviewWho else has been freaking out over the new Oreo flavors? I’m so excited that I wrote a news story on it for UTG this morning and am now trying to calm down a bit before my boss flips out on me. I know it’s coming, so I’m doing my best to get into a serene mood before the storm hits. So that’s why I thought today was perfect to tell you about The Visit’sBetween Worlds.” It’s not the usual type of music you’d see on Golden Mixtape, but let’s just declare today “Free for All Friday” because this isn’t pop punk, indie or pop…It’s some interesting sounding music right to say the least.

The music geeks, like the true music geeks who fall on compositions and think Beethoven was a saint will likely be the fan base for this. I was never sure the chanting sounds were making real worlds or if they were just haunting sounds escaping Heather Sita Black’s vocal chords. Whatever they were, they played well with Raphael Weinroth-Browne’s cello to create this Hunchback of Notre Dame feel. I’m going with the Disney version, so not the parts that were lighthearted, but the ones that involved redemption in the walls of the church.

Yes, “Between Worlds” is only one track, but it spans the space of time enough to be considered an EP of sorts. It clocks in at almost 15 minutes and has its ups and downs, side to side moments. If you’re a fan of the opera, then this is the kind of music and group that you need to be in tune with. If that’s you, check out The Visit’s “Between Worlds,” out now for a name your price deal.