Cayetana: Hot Dad Calendar

cayetana-hot-dad-calendar-reviewLast nights’ Big Bang Theory is still on my mind as I sit here with dishes to wash, a dwindling bank account thanks to Taking Back Sunday tickets and a few more things to do before I head out to see Satan. All the while I have some music that needs listening to, Cayetana’s Hot Dad Calendar. It’s indie rock that sounds like a Diablo Cody movie.

I of course assumed this would be riddled with songs about hot dads like David Beckham, 4/5th of the Backstreet Boys, Hugh Laurie…and many, many more. Instead it had one song that was just okay called “Ella” and another that really went with my Big Bang mental state. The title track was the clear favorite for me because while “Ella” was just alright, “Hot Dad Calendar” had this overall theme of growing up and what that’s all about; being a better version of you as time goes by, making it out alive and even mentions of snails. It’s got a lot going on lyrically, but it all makes sense and comes together.

The dishes aren’t going to do themselves, so I’m going to go do that while you sit and ponder the idea of growing up and coping with it with Cayetana. If you’re into Slingshot Dakota or Waxahatchee, then I guarantee you’ll like this band and Hot Dad Calendar, out February 4 on Tiny Engines.

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