A Balance Between: Negative Space

a-balance-between-negative-space-reviewThe tug and pull of my time is wearing me thin, but I’ve been managing to manage my time a little better recently – well kind of. I mean I have something that really needs to get done today, but instead I’m over hear listening to A Balance Between’s Negative Space. It’s not a record that had me begging for more, nor did I want to toss it out as soon as it was done playing – it just was kind of there for me.

From “Your Own Hell” through “Stale Hearts Sway” and right into “Reaching Out” Negative Space felt like the same ol’ space. The songs all ran together. It was like listening to those 15 minutes long Mars Volta tracks. Oh no, A Balance Between doesn’t sound like that, just comparing the length here. I will give “Reaching Out” it’s paid dues because while it sounded the end of an ongoing musical train, it was the best the record had to offer. It was the point in which the music started to accelerate towards something different. Then walked in “The Ruse” which was finally a break from what came to be the norm. From that point on you got intriguing imagery with “Ocean” and then capped things off with the title track.

I’m kicking time’s ass right now, but still have much to do – but before that I have to tell you that A Balance Between isn’t for a gal like me. They’re much better suited for those who like their rock a bit on the experimental side. If that’s you, check out Negative Space, out now on Broken English Records.

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