Golden Mixtape’s Top 5 Posts of 2013

top-5-posts-2013-golden-mixtapeIt’s been one hell of a year…I went from having a job that paid my bills and then some to having to work four just to keep up. I wrote for a bunch of awesome sites including MTV Geek (RIP) and even found the time to keep this little blog afloat.

The top 5 posts from this year actually have some guys from 2012. You all really loved you some Pierce The Veil and Get Scared. Should I talk to them more often? Three interviews and two reviews topped Golden Mixtape’s posts this year – it’ll be interesting to see what 2014 holds.

Dan of Hoobastank: Ghostbusters, Reasons and MySpace
Tilian Pearson: Material Me
Mike and Vic of Pierce The Veil: Goosebumps, Funerals and Back Up Dancers
The Bunny The Bear: Stories
Lloyd of Get Scared: Everything from Glassjaw to Utah


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