Growing Up & Poptastic Crack: Top Songs of 2013

top-songs-of-2013-golden-mixtapeAll year I’ve noted songs by bigger than life pop stars I’ve heard every other minute due to their popularity and the ones that sat on albums that came through my email. In the end my favorites are a mix of Top 40 hits and ones that deal with the inevitable; growing up. To list them any other way besides a top 10 format would dishonor one of my loves, Carson Daly – so here we go…

10. Farewell Fighter “See”

I dare you to listen to this tongue twister of a song and not fall in love with it – oh, you still haven’t pressed play? Okay, it’s a triple dog dare now.

9. Ray J “I Hit It”

While this isn’t “Sexy Can I” I must say this diss towards reality’s biggest name is among the best from 2013. Also, this is a plea to get Vh1 to bring back trashy celebrity dating shows…

8. Transit “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Is this a favorite band of mine? Oh no, I can’t say I’ve seen them ever. If I have I’m not sure when it was. Their existence may not be relevant in my life but this song will be forever – ironic since the title and all. Basically this year I got a pretty awesome gig and it ended sooner than I would’ve hoped and this is my shout out to MTV Geek; fun while it lasted.

7. The Summer Set “Boomerang”

If I had a time machine and was able to be 12 again…Brian of The Summer Set would be plastered all over my Five Star binder and the lyrics of this song would be my…away message? What the hell do kids have today?

6. Trees Above Mandalay “We Felt Like Astronauts” (but since it wasn’t on YouTube, here’s their cover of another great song that turned 10 this year)

This is one of my many growing old songs – Over the past year I’ve realized that all my high school friends are indeed growing up while I’m still in the mindset of the said 12-year-old above. Oh you had a baby? Well Nick Carter sang to me in Vegas, so who really had the better year?

5. Jodi Good “Definitely Different”

“I may not have a real job, but believe I work damn hard,” this became one of my favorite lyrics from this year. I don’t have a traditional job, and haven’t for almost a year and when I heard this line I was like, YES, finally something that’s me.

4. Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop”

I kind of wish I was a club kid so I could go twerk it up to this out and about – alas I’m a homebody hermit and singing this alone to myself is what I spent most of 2013 doing.

3. Paramore “Grow Up”

This song may be the number one reason Paramore was my favorite album of the year. I’ve done very little growing up this year so it’s weird that I related to this one so much but I must say I did move out with very little and scoff at people who think they need to be stable to leave their parent’s house. Stability…ha, who needs that?

2. Katy Perry “Roar”

Queen Katy, let’s all bow to her greatness in this song. Who cares that it sounds like that one song that is known for a commercial and not for the artist behind it. Katy’s Prism may’ve not been the best but damn, this song is all you really needed from her this year.

1. The Wonder Years “Passing Through A Screen Door”

Basically like I said before, all my friends I grew up with are these real adults. Yeah, I live on my own but don’t really have any real adult problems like house payments and my kids’ doctors’ visits. At 26 I’m a loner who cares more about her TV schedule than if I have a boyfriend, and I often think like the song says, “Did I fuck up?” But then I ask again, “…or get it right?”


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