Matt of YUCA: Trespassing Resolutions

yuca-interview-golden-mixtapeI swear that title will make more sense if you continue to read what Matt Borck of YUCA had to say about band life, the Olympics and a recent trip to Japan. Right now the Canadian rock band is still taking in the release of their latest record Rebuilding the Fallen Empire, and aren’t rushing the next one just yet. So to find out more about the lives of the men in YUCA, keep on reading on because their lead singer had a lot to say.

Kendra: When did you start to have the fantasy of being in a band?

Matt Borck: I can’t recall a time when I ever viewed being in a band as a “fantasy.” When I was a child I always dreamt about being in a band and being the next “Beatles or U2”. My parents were my biggest cheerleaders and encouraged me that I could do and be anything that I wanted. So from an early age I it wasn’t so much about “fantasy” as it was timing – WHEN was I going to start making my dream a reality. I wanted it then as badly as I want it now.

Kendra: Your looks don’t match what I thought you’d sound like, do you ever get that? Because I expected some metal like music or something.

Matt: That’s awesome; you judged a book by its cover lol! (just bugging ya) I have never heard that before about our looks matching our music? Now you have me very interested in knowing what you think our musical look should be?

Kendra: You seem to enjoy photo shoots, but do they ever get awkward?

Matt: We always try to make the best of every situation. Photos shoots can be awkward and I do have to say bring up my insecurities about how I look. We are getting more and more used to them every time they happen and we are always encouraging each other to just relax and be ourselves.

Kendra: How was playing the Vancouver Olympics a few years ago, is it as big a production as the Summer Games?

Matt: Playing the Olympics was an incredible experience and we felt such honor to represent British Columbia’s music scene to the world! The Olympics, whether winter or summer, are just massive and the eyes of the world are on the city they are being held in. We performed for thousands and after the shows we were signing autographs and taking pics with fans. You’d hear the fans speaking languages from all over the world. It was truly an amazing experience as with most shows, you aren’t performing to new fans from all over the world – you’re hitting city by city.  In one show our music travelled around the world – how epic. To add to making the Olympics an incredible experience we also had one of our songs featured on the Official 2010 Winter Olympics Video Game for PS3 and Xbox360.

Kendra: Recently you just played over in Japan. Did you get to do anything super touristy?

Matt: Not really, no. In Okinawa we took one afternoon to swim in some of the most exotic water I have ever experienced in my life – you know that crystal clear baby blue water you see in movies? That was it! It was just us band mates in an empty ocean – just incredible. In Tokyo we toured a local garden & temple in the Shinjuku District that was absolutely gorgeous but other than that we didn’t do any super touristy stuff. One afternoon in Tokyo we did sneak into this gorgeous, tall building that was all glass and made it past security to the top – the 50th floor. It was a spectacular view of Tokyo and on our way down they even were kind enough to have security escort us out.

Kendra: Were the crowds over there as reserved as people say?

Matt: Not at all! When we hit the stage in Japan the fans were incredible. They were packed again the stage grabbing at us, screaming and singing, trying to hold my hand and it would look like a night sky of flashing stars with all their mobile phones taking video and photos. Even trying to film or take photos on the streets we would have people coming up to us taking pics with us and signing autographs.

Kendra: Do you have any plans to tour the US or are you guys taking it easy for awhile?

Matt: No taking it easy for YUCA ever! We have huge plans for 2014 and touring the US is a part of those plans. We have had amazing experiences performing in the US and love any chances we get to tour there.

Kendra: Any New Year’s resolutions for you personally or for the band?

Matt: I haven’t even thought about that? I think for us as a band we are challenging ourselves to take more risks!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape of Canada’s finest, which five songs would have to be on it?

Matt: Wow, great question. Here’s my Top 5:
The Band – “Up on Cripple Creek
Neil Young  – “Heart of Gold
Daniel Lanois – “Falling at Your Feet
The Midway State – “Hartley Salter’s Kite
DeadMau5 – “Some Chords


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