Sonny Spectrum: From Camaraderie to Capitol

sonny-spectrum-interview-golden-mixtapeSometimes you have to breakout on your own to learn who you really are, and to let that real you shine. It might mean walking away from the people you love most, but at the end of the day you have to be you, right? Sonny Spectrum wasn’t always a solo artist ready to give the world a reason to dance. He started out in a band and you’ll have to keep on reading to find out more on why he left and what he misses most about those days. I can’t give everything away in the intro…

So before you endure hours of traffic to then endure hours of family time that will end in turkey induced naps, take some time to get to know Sonny Spectrum a little bit more from his past to his present and what he plans for the future.

Kendra: What made you want to leave the band life behind to focus on being a solo artist?

Sonny Spectrum: I really enjoyed the collaborative aspect of being in a band although there were times when I felt my vision was being compromised to appease the other members. Still, it was great experience and I learned a lot working with others and how to best communicate ideas.

Kendra: Do you miss it sometimes?

Sonny Spectrum: I miss the camaraderie of being in a group; rehearsals, shows, after shows…It felt like we were all in this thing together; working toward the same goal and that is powerful feeling.

Kendra: Why did you decide to use studio musicians on your record instead of playing yourself?

Sonny Spectrum: I wanted to use studio musicians for this EP because I wanted these songs to reach their full potential. By having professional musicians involved, I felt this goal would more likely be accomplished. I also enjoyed the relief of focusing primarily on vocals and lyrics.

Kendra: Tell me your reaction when you walked into the Capitol building to record…

Sonny Spectrum: Capitol Records is a historical landmark, not just for music, but for downtown Hollywood itself. It was a little surreal walking through the doors, and very inspiring as well. It is one of those moments that I will always remember as the start of my journey as Sonny Spectrum.

Kendra: If you were going to give your upcoming EP that’s expected to drop in January to someone as an early holiday gift, what three hints could you give them about the record to make them not sneak an even earlier listen?

Sonny Spectrum: I would tell them to get ready to move your body, sing along and let everything else go!

Kendra: Will you be doing some touring soon?

Sonny Spectrum: I am in the process of gathering musicians for a live show. I will be having many of the same studio musicians who played on the album play with me live so I am very excited about that. I want to make sure that I do these songs justice and really put on a great show. I will be playing the Orange County Music Awards Showcase in late January and then doing a residency or two in the Orange County/Los Angeles area soon after that.

Kendra: Going back to your days on the road with the band, what was one of the freakiest things you can remember seeing?

Sonny Spectrum: The time that sticks out in my mind is when we played a club in Orange County that was having electrical issues. Every time I would put my mouth on the microphone I would get a really bad shock…it was even worse when I was strumming a guitar and singing. Needless to say, we all were very happy to get that show over with.

Kendra: How important do you think social media is today for an artist?

Sonny Spectrum: I think it is one of the most valuable tools a musician can use. It starts with a great product and then social media allows anyone the possibility to expose that product to others. I am constantly working on new and exciting ways to engage with fans not just to show them my music but to learn more about them and vice versa. I really do care about my fans and social media gives me a platform to express that gratitude.

Kendra: Going off your track “Trust,” if you had to make a mixtape for someone you trusted whole heartedly, what 5 songs would have to be on it?

Sonny Spectrum:
Francis & The Lights – “Strawberries
Autre Ne Veut – “Counting
Niki & The Dove – “Somebody
Grum – “Fashion
Poolside – “Do You Believe


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