Jonathan Plevyak: Juggling It All from Coffee Shops to High School Halls

jonathan-plevyak-interview-golden-mixtapeIf you would’ve asked me in high school my future plans, I would’ve only been able to tell what I was watching that week on TV; The OC, American Idol, South Park. I only knew I was going to college to leave my hometown behind. I was very unlike Jonathan Plevyak. This kid already had his eyes set on music while he’s still required by law to attend high school – although he says juggling music and homework isn’t all that bad. You can read more on that below.

Before you do that, know that Plevyak’s singer songwriter ways have already landed him on some pretty impressive bills and this is just the beginning so keep on reading on to find out more about his parents’ blessings, Maryland and more.

Kendra: You’re Facebook says you started just last year, does that mean that’s when you made the page or that’s when you got into music? If it’s the latter, did you just wake up and discover you’d give music a go?

Jonathan Plevyak: Last year was when I decided I wanted to try the singer/songwriter thing. Before that, I was just the guitarist for a few bands. My dad’s a college soccer coach, so I’ve always been involved with the sports world, but after I saw AC/DC live when I was 11, that showed me the calling for what I want to do with my life.

Kendra: What life experiences are you pulling from when you write?

Jonathan: Hmmm, I always want to write music that people can relate to, and that’s honest. Some songs are written from personal experiences, and some are written about things I see around me. Some of my songs deal with insecurities, love, and loss. Others deal with enjoying the little things in life and having fun. I try to keep my music as fun as upbeat as possible.

Kendra: Are you juggling school with music right now?

Jonathan: Yes and no. If I had my choice, I would love to play every night, and I can’t right now due to being in high school. Being in school though does help keep the music fresh. Because it will distract me a bit from playing, and then when I finally do play, I have a clear mindset to write and perform. The one thing that’s difficult is keeping steady momentum. It’s a bit annoying to one weekend play 2 or 3 gigs and then have to come home and study and do laundry for the school week haha.

Kendra: If you had to compare your EP, Perfect Sense, to a place in Maryland where would it be and why?

Jonathan: Definitely Westminster. Westminster is my hometown, where I play a lot of my shows and grow as artist. The feel of Perfect Sense has that visual connotation of being in a tight spaced, urban city and then being able to retreat to a open, scenic place of peace. And that’s exactly what Westminster is like; the best of both worlds.

Kendra: Do your parents limit the amount of time you spend on music and all it entails or do they give you space to do your thing?

Jonathan: Nah, they are extremely supportive and I wouldn’t be able to accomplish a good bit of what I have without them.

Kendra: What’s one thing in your life you’d never want to “Fade Out?”

Jonathan: Great question. I would say my relationships with friends and family, but at the end of the day, my answer would be to never lose that hunger and drive wanting as many people as possible to hear my music.

Kendra: There’s a lot, but what would you say is the hardest thing about being an indie artist?

Jonathan: Another great question haha. I would say definitely self-promotion. It can be pretty hard at times to focus on writing catchy tunes, performing, and then having to focus on constantly getting the word out to people via word-of-mouth or social network by yourself.

Kendra: How was opening for Smash Mouth and Questlove?

Jonathan: It was insane and completely magical; best night of my life. I used to listen to Smash Mouth all the time when I was younger, and Questlove is one of my favorite figures in the music industry. So to share the same stage with them was incredible. Also seeing the audience really engage and having fun with my music was truly the most fulfilling and humbling feeling in the world. Going from one night at a coffeehouse playing in front of 50 people to playing in front of 1,000 with a lightshow is pretty astounding.

Kendra: What’s up with you for 2014?

Jonathan: Just going to write and perform as much as possible. Planning on hitting the studio in the spring to cook up something awesome, and then seeing where the next chapter in life takes me!

Kendra: If you were going on a sailing trip and were going to “Sail Away,” and were put in charge of the music, which five songs would have to be on your mixtape?

Jonathan: Hmmm. That’s so tough haha. I’d probably have to say…
Sailboat” Ben Rector
Clarity” John Mayer
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” Coldplay
Ain’t It The Life” Foo Fighters
Breathe” Anberlin


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