Louis London: On Your Lips We Roared

louis-london-on-your-lips-we-roared-reviewCurrently I’m flirting with the idea that of a new career based on my voice. It’s not sexy, but there’s a niche market out there for it. I’ll let your minds ponder about that while I tell you why I thought of it. Voices are a tool, they can make you laugh, cry and get you a little hot and bothered. That’s what I thought as Louis London’s On Your Lips We Roared played into the afternoon. The Aussie indie rock band brought on the sexy, but did they mean to?

I’m not sure, but I am positive that if Adam Levine wasn’t on helium Maroon 5 could make songs like the pair that won me over the most, “Go Quietly” and “To The Edge and Back.” The best part of the record was the end and no, that wasn’t meant to sound sarcastic. The end had those two, the middle was meant for skipping and the start showed off more of a poppier side of Louis London; from the whistling in “Old LA” to the energetic ways of “Hardly Hear You.”

My voice isn’t like the one you’ll hear within the confines of Louis London, it’s more like Levine’s (unfortunately). This is why I like writing better than speaking but, nevertheless, if you’re into artists like Lime Cordiale and Buchanan then check out On Your Lips We Roared, out now. Also check out their cover of one of the best songs from the past decade and feel old that song came out like a decade ago.


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