Avalon Landing: Reside

avalon-landing-reside-reviewMalls are one of my favorite places on earth. This is partially due to my spending problem, but mostly because you get to people watch and judge each store by its shoppers and music they play. Hot Topic is forever that kid who thinks they’re eccentric, Sears is for dads and stores that’d play music from Avalon Landing’s Reside are the kids who likely live for things like homecoming. Overall the albums ups and downs would be fitting for the backdrop of a middle class teenager’s life just because I could see it on a MTV special featuring said lives.

I could see a montage of a couple getting ready separately for their first date as “About Face” played on, while “No Apology” reminded me of something Backstreet Boys might try and do nowadays. That’s a huge compliment from this end as BSB is my ultimate favorite – so hats off. While “Belong” and “Feel” didn’t sit too well with me, the clapping at the start of “The Cure” was just the remedy that track needed to give it some push. That, along with “Ghost Town” would be the “go to” ones on Reside, so take my advice. Also, don’t skip out on “Escape Yourself” because there’s a lesson to be learned within it.

If a certain used to be music network is looking for some music to place, they should hit up Avalon Landing because even the songs I didn’t like too much would ease their audiences just fine. If you’re into Top 40 music that’s clean cut with a dash of rock, then this band’s for you. Reside if out November 12th so be on the lookout.


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