Melodime: From Haystacks to Here and Everywhere In Between

Jewel Peach Photography
Jewel Peach Photography

The battle with the boss continues as we hit hump day and I can only escape his idiocracy by reading what Melodime had to say and hopefully reviewing some music later. Now more on Melodime. Their video for “Halo” came to me in an email and I was swept away instantly. It’s like when you hear that damn Phillip Phillips song “Home” and no matter what genre you prefer, you can’t help but say, damn, that’s some good shit.

Melodime is three guys from Virginia who have always loved music, their own Bradley dipped his feet in musical waters as a kid playing piano and singing hymns with his mom. Once they banded together they played in a pretty odd place then moved on to venues, and will soon be playing for both saints and sinners throughout December on the east coast. Keep reading on to find out about their unique space, mad men and even what their manager had to say.

Kendra: How long did you guys play on haylofts back in the day? Was it weird playing in a venue after that?

Sammy: Nope. Most of them still smelled like manure.

Tyler: Playing in the hayloft was a result of the drums being too loud in the house, so that was our only option to have drums while practicing. We jammed up there for 2 or 3 years maybe.

Kendra: If you had to compare your latest album, Where the Sinners & Saints Collide, to a farm animal which would it be and why? Not like their sound, but what they represent, like a horse being strong, sheep following the crowd, etc.

Tyler: An ant, because when one is by itself it can’t do much but by coming together and working with other ants they can accomplish building incredible feats.

Kendra: If you had to pinpoint a place on a map where sinners and saints actually do collide where would it be?

Sammy: The little red dot that says “You are here”. Oh man that’s deep…

Kendra: Who’s the biggest “Madman” in the group…and not in the Don Draper way, but the most insane one at times way?

Tyler: Brad has a history of jumping into pools from hotel balconies, touching electric fences, somersaulting (19 consecutive times) through Memphis, and willingly being tazed on camera…so, probably him.

Sammy: Not to mention becoming a complete lunatic if we’re on the bus too long. Follow his Instagram.

Kendra: What’s your touring schedule like in the coming months?

The Manager: We’re going to be busy, but we couldn’t be happier about that. We’ll be hitting a lot of the major cities starting in Dec. with New York and then making our way down to Atlanta and Miami. After setting sail on The Rock Boat from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay we will be heading back up the coast with a whole host of shows. There will even be a Texas run in there as well. In addition to the shows we’ll also be makes stops along the way for our foundation Now I Play Along Too which will be providing instruments to those that can’t afford them or are in difficult circumstances and could use music as an opportunity to overcome them.

Kendra: This was bugging me the other day so I’ll get your take on it. What’s the most annoying kind of person on social media; the complainer, the incessant baby picture poster, the “cure disease with likes” person, etc? 

Bradley: Definitely the complainer. I block the complainer 9 times out of 10.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for Virginia, what 5 songs would have to be on it?

Sweet Virginia” – Rolling Stones
Blood Pressure” – MuteMath
Rich Girl” – Hall & Oates
You’re Beautiful” – James Blunt
Overture” (From “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) – Michael Kamen


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