In Hearts Wake’s Jake Taylor: Charities from the Byron Bay

in-hearts-wake-the-skydancer-project-interview-golden-mixtapeUsually bands do interviews and whatnot to gain exposure for their new music, but today we’re here to promote In Hearts Wake’s charitable efforts with The Skydancer Project. Yes, the band has a single attached to it, but the proceeds are split between three grand charities; 7th Generation, Red Dust and Hardcore Help. So if you’re one of those people who just assume bands are all in it for the fame and glory, think again – some set out to change the world and make it a better place. Keep on reading on to find out more about In Hearts Wake’s The Skydancer Project, and some insight to this Australian band’s style via their own Jake Taylor.

Kendra: When you started the band some 7 years ago was the idea of The Skydancer Project even on the table?

Jake Taylor: 7 years ago we were 16 and in high school. From the beginning we have always aspired to implement messages of change into our songs but never had the appropriate network to do it globally. Now we are managed by Unified and we have engaged with a larger fan base; the timing has never been more appropriate.

Kendra: Were there ever any celebrities or musicians you admired for their charitable efforts?

Jake Taylor: One of the largest givers that I can remember came from one of the most successful authors, J.K Rowling, who donated around $160,000,000 to charity in 2012 – What a legend!

Kendra: Why did you choose to work with Red Dust, Hardcore Help and 7th Generation, was it based on personal experiences at all?

Jake Taylor: “Skydancer” is based upon the juxtaposition of the Mohawk Indians of America, living on native land and commuting 12 hours every week to construct the New York City skyline (the very thing that opposes their natural way of life). To show our respect for Native American Indian culture we selected 7th Generation in America. We also wanted to honour the natives of Australia so we sought out a partnership with Red Dust who promotes sustainability and health throughout many Aboriginal Communities. In order to encapsulate this project on a global level we also wanted to cast some light on Africa and Hardcore Help do exactly that. So I guess you could say we did a fair bit of research in hand selecting the 3 grass roots nonprofit organizations

Kendra: Will you change what organizations you help?

Jake Taylor: The Skydancer project is raising a lot of awareness and we’d definitely like to do something again using the same formula however I’d say it will be re-visioned, perhaps with different partners. We’ve got to share the love around!

Kendra: Okay, moving to you guys for a second – what’s “Byron sound,” break that down please…

Jake Taylor: The Byron shire is thriving with nature, from waterfalls, rolling hills to rain forests and beaches. The area is a magnet for like-minded individuals who appreciate the natural world. I’d like to think that we draw concepts from our surroundings and translate them into our “Byron sound.” As far as a specific sound goes for Byron Bay there’s definitely a massive difference in the many genres it encapsulates, from Julia Stone to Parkway Drive, but both have as many different colours as the world we live in.

Kendra: Do you ever think people assume the worst of heavier bands? Like oh, listen to that music, they could never do any good?

Jake Taylor: I think people outside of “the scene” just assume it’s “demonic” or “angry” and therefore don’t give it a fair go. “Heavy music” is a powerful movement that needs to be witnessed live before being judged.

Kendra: What’s 2014 hold for you as a band and for The Skydancer Project?

Jake Taylor: The Skydancer Project runs for 30 Days, ending on November 7th… 2014 will be a different story but there will definitely be some very exciting new endeavours! More tours, new music and more projects.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape of songs that best represent Byron Bay what 5 would have to be on there?

Jake Taylor:
Angus + Julia Stone – “Mango Tree
Parkway Drive – “Carrion
Weezer – “Island In The Sun
John Butler – “Ocean
311 – “Amber


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