Davy & Amelia: Norah June

davy-and-amelia-norah-june-reviewHappy Halloween! I wish I was reviewing some extreme metal band today because that’d fit the dark theme today often follows, but instead I have this indie yet folky album from Davy & Amelia called Norah June. While it doesn’t remind me of black cats and cauldrons, it does take me back to the summer of 2008 – aka the best summer ever.

Davy and Amelia’s “1,000 Miles Away” wasn’t their take on the Vanessa Carlton hit from years ago, it was this slow declaration that distance does not affect the heart when it comes to love. “Norah June” too was about young love and its strength. Those songs were able to capture me on this day reserved for terror but it was and always will be “The Summer” that I’m most fond of. They recall this song’s about the “summer that changed my life,” and while I don’t know when theirs took place I can say mine was five years ago and I wish on every falling star I could hit replay on those few months.

Thanks to memories that’ll never be forgotten put to an upbeat indie meets folk beat, I’d give Norah June a passing grade. If you’re into music that’s light on its feet but heavy in love, then check out Davy & Amelia and their EP Norah June, out November 1st.

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