Nettie Rose: Material Crushes and Big Tour Dreams

nettie-rose-inteview-golden-mixtapeAs I stay up late yet again, I have Hostages on the TV and my mind on Nettie Rose. She’s a singer/songwriter from Santa Monica, CA with a throwback sound that sounds like you took a little bit of folk, country and AC radio, tossed them in a bowl and ended up with this girl who sings from deep within her heart. “Freedom Trotter” is one of the few we have for now, but Nettie is hard at work on a new album that she summed up in a handful of words that will make fans and newcomers both excited and intrigued to hear what she’s got in store. Since the music is yet to come, let’s get to know more about Nettie Rose right now.

Kendra: Would you say you have a guitar crush – Is there one model you’ve been eyeing for years?

Nettie Rose: I am a Martin girl. I play a 0000×1 model, but I’d say my guitar crush is a vintage model from the 1920’s called the 0-28. It’s a small, beautiful and delicate parlor guitar.

Kendra: Are there any specific life events that helped shape your musical style today?

Nettie Rose: My friend/mixer Niko Bolas called the album People I Know because I am inspired by characters that come through my life and imagination…so I wouldn’t say there is a single life event which has shaped my style, just result of all those who touched my heart in some way.

Kendra: Give us 5 words off the top of your head that sum up your upcoming album…

Nettie Rose: Vivid, gritty, yearning, twang, & troubadours.

Kendra: Living in Santa Monica, have you tried the whole street performer thing on 3rd Street?

Nettie Rose: I have never performed on the 3rd Street Promenade. I grew up in Santa Monica watching all those ballroom dancers, karaoke child prodigies, contortionists, bumper sticker salesmen, and megaphone street preachers…so I think they have things covered down there!

Kendra: Are you going to be branching out of LA soon as far as touring is concerned?

Nettie Rose: I really hope so. As an independent songwriter I never had an official tour schedule because I have no management or label representation, so I just try to play every place I travel. So far the list has included Santa Cruz and the San Francisco bay area…outside California; I played in Boulder, CO, Brooklyn, NY, and Nashville, TN. My dream is to play in Europe someday. Specifically, I want to travel around the UK, France and Germany.

Kendra: Who would you like to tour with that’s completely out there, like it wouldn’t make sense but it’d make you happy?

Nettie Rose: This is a far out dream, but I would have to say Bruce Springsteen. There are many other musicians I thought about, but he is such a huge force that it wouldn’t make sense for a young songwriter like me, who plays smoky taverns, to tour with someone like him. My mother is from South Orange, New Jersey and used to see the young Bruce at a little club called the Stone Pony. Clearly, he worked so hard to get where he is, and now he is a legend. I chose Springsteen because he puts on a great concert without fail. He doesn’t let down his fans, and he always delivers to the fullest. I guess I just really look up to him!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for the Santa Monica Pier, what 5 songs would you definitely include?

Nettie Rose:
Uncle John’s Band” – Grateful Dead
Sloop John B” – The Beach Boys
Song to the Siren” – Tim Buckley
Cortez the Killer” – Neil Young
Peace Frog/Blue Sunday” – The Doors
A House is Not A Motel” – Love

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