A Loss For Words: Before It Caves

a-loss-for-words-before-it-caves-reviewThere are so many bands out there that sometimes you’re more aware of the name than the sound. A Loss For Words is one of those bands. I know they’re cool to a lot of kids and that the singer could make Boyz II Men whole again, but surprisingly I don’t think I’ve ever seen them or noticed them playing in cars I’ve sat as a passenger in. So Before It Caves was my first real introduction to them and I have to say I’m not overwhelmed but I see why they continue to make people head out to shows and buy their music.

Before It Caves is well made and sounds like a lot of effort went into the final product, but I never heard any song that was able to make me go, “Now that’s it, that’s the one.” The lead single “Distance” featuring PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn was like it was taken from a really good teen movie; sweet rock is what I call that. I always imagined this was a band who brought it and brought it hard, but the hardest it ever really got was on “Conquest of Mistakes.” Other than that I fell for the sad but cute “All This Time” and “Eclipsed” – which I’d love to hear We Are The In Crowd cover.

I wouldn’t place this record in a discard pile, but I wouldn’t put it on the mantle for praise either. Mostly I’d let this one remain in my iTunes and not be bothered when it popped up on shuffle. A Loss For Words is currently on tour with Major League with City Lights, The Sheds, Stickup Kid and Light Years on select dates. And Before It Caves is out now via Velocity/Rise Records.



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