BoyMeetsWorld: Brotherly Love & Hard Work

boy-meets-world-interview-golden-mixtapeFor weeks I’ve planned to write a piece about Boy Meets World because next week marks 20 years since its debut, so you can imagine how excited I was to get an email from a band who shares the name one of my all time favorite shows. Things got even better when I actually liked the pop punk that BoysMeetsWorld puts forth, so an interview had to happen.

I’ll make this short so you can get to know the guys a little better and say that you’ll learn a lot as you continue reading on. Things like – It’s actually tougher being in a band that’s made up of mostly brothers, a party video isn’t really a party and a free trip back in time wouldn’t take them that far.

Kendra: You guys started this band with the idea that your music could one day help someone. Which lyric of yours would you say best represents that sentiment?

Craig: Our lyrics from our song “Head Up High” represents that message really well.  “So keep your head up high and it’ll be alright” – Pretty cut and dry but that whole song is about looking at the brighter things in life and is about anti-suicide.  We hope that all of our songs do the same though and can help people through anything rough they may be going through.

Kendra: Just because we have to have at least one that mentions it – Which character on Boy Meets World are each of you most like?

Brad: Hahahah this is a good one…The rest of the members haven’t even seen the show because of their age, so I can answer this one. I will assume the role of George Feeny – the loveable, often funny/sarcastic, old, and wise teacher. I give advice, but whether or not the rest of the group takes it is solely up to them. Craig will have to be Cory Matthews due to the fact that being a lead singer in a band is the “main character.” Craig also is growing up and learning as we grow stronger as a band. Ryan would have to be Shawn Hunter. He is rebellious, tends to not listen to some of the things people say.  Pat and Drew will fall under the same category…They are Joey “The Rat” Epstein, and Frankie Stechino. These characters were basically “lackeys,” or followers to the school bully Harley Keiner. They pretty much just go along with whatever the band decides to do.

*Editors Note: I love that Brad pulled out Joey and Frankie*

Kendra: On to the video for “Right Where We Belong.” Did you just tell friends to show up for a party, or did you let them know there’d be a video involved?

Brad: This actually took a lot of work. We had to make sure people were there and all of the skits were planned out. We wish it would have just been as easy to say, “Hey come to this party!” Oh and not to mention that the first day of shooting got postponed due to rain.

Kendra: Is there a director’s cut that showcases some “too hot for YouTube” footage?

Brad: We don’t have a “director’s cut” so to say, but we do have some things that we will keep for our personal enjoyment.

Kendra: Congrats on winning a slot on Warped, any lessons learned from that day?

Craig:  Thank you very much!  Warped was amazing.  I don’t know if we learned a ton, but definitely experienced it firsthand of being in the heat all day, carrying around signs and “hustling” people to take the time to listen to us and buy CDs and merch.  It’s really hard work being out there all day, but is something we would love to do for the whole summer.

Kendra: This year’s lineup was pretty solid, but if you had a DeLorean, what year of Warped would you head back for a chance to play at?

Craig: Hmmm…If we could choose from any year to play Warped, I think it’d have to be just a couple of years ago, Warped Tour ’12.  The mix of bands was awesome, having your “newer” bands such as All Time Low, We The Kings, Mayday Parade, WATIC, but also older bands we’ve been listening to for years like Yellowcard and New Found Glory.

Kendra: You guys have a lot of love for Fearless, what makes them stand apart for instance from Hopeless and Rise?

Craig: I don’t know if we have a specific love for Fearless Records, but a lot of bands we enjoy are on that label.  Hopeless, Rise and all of the other big labels today also have amazing bands on their roster.

Kendra: Couldn’t help but notice Ryan’s doppelganger is Anthony Keidis, any of the rest of the band have a celebrity look-alike?

Brad: Drew looks like Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember. Craig looks like Justin Bieber. Can’t really think of one for myself or Pat.

Kendra: Let’s keep that house party vibe going. If you were going to make a mixtape for a party, which five songs would have to be on it?

Brad: “Barbie Girl” Aqua
Ryan: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Cindi Lauper
Drew: “Hamster Dance” unknown artist
Craig: “Party in the USA” Miley Cyrus
Pat:  “YMCA” Village People


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