To Write Love on Her Arms: Songs that Saved My Life

twloha-suicide-prevention-dayThis year the wonderful organization To Write Love on Her Arms is joining forces with the American Foundation of Suicidology, International Association for Suicide Prevention, and the World Health Organization for National Suicide Prevention Week from September 8th through September 14th, and since today just happens to be World Suicide Prevention Day, I wanted to do something special.

We’ve talked with TWLOHA in the past at Warped Tour and they do great things in causing awareness for suicide prevention. You’ve seen those shirts now for years at shows and many of your favorite artists have worn them in support, so we must thank TWLOHA for teaming with music because that’s one thing many can attribute to picking them up when they’re low; me included.

Before I dive in and tell you what songs helped save me from the lowest points of my existence, I must first tell you that you can support the cause today by helping spread the message “You cannot be replaced.” Check out the World Suicide Prevention Day pack here and take a step in helping prevent suicide now.

Good Charlotte “The Click” Saved Me from My Teenage Years

This is the band that started it all, okay that’s not true. My first musical love will always be Backstreet Boys, but Good Charlotte is the reason I started writing down all the mixed up thoughts that were swirling around my adolescent head. So why this song? I was am not a very cool person. At this moment it is Saturday night and instead of being out on a holiday weekend at a party, I am writing this and earlier I was making glitter signs for BSB shows. I first heard this song over a decade ago when I was in middle school and it became a constant reminder that it is okay to be different. As my friends grew up and accepted budding social lives and new friends, I sat at home thinking of ways to marry Seth Cohen. Even today, my friends have their other friends and I have them; like 10 people. I don’t branch away from them and that’s fine. I’m okay with a small click.

The Used “Taste of Ink” Saved Me from a Small Town

Growing up in what I often refer to as “hell on earth,” I couldn’t wait to get out of Cabazon, CA. I felt like the small town life was sucking every ounce of vigor from me. Living there forever would’ve meant having kids or a drug addiction. One would require a miracle and I’m too cheap for the other. From sophomore year on, this was my anthem. I couldn’t wait for the day that I could say “…at last it’s finally over, couldn’t take this town much longer, being half dead wasn’t what I planned to be, now I’m ready to be free.”

Fall Out Boy “Sugar We’re Going Down” Saved Me from Being a Complete Loner

Like I said, I’m not a very cool person so when I escaped the trenches of small town living and made it to the big city (two hours makes a hell of a difference), I was down so many friends. I had my life friend, but she too eventually moved on (not from me, but in life to a new city). So what’s that have to do with Fall Out Boy? Well if they never made it big with “Sugar,” I wouldn’t have met any of the people in my new “click.” Not all of them love FOB with the same level of intensity, but the ones who do led me to the ones who are a lot calmer when it comes to those dudes. My love for that band may not be what it was once upon a time, but I can never thank them enough because without them I’d have even less friends than I do right now.

We Are The In Crowd “Never Be What You Want” Saved My Future

I’d been writing for a long time, but never really thought of it as a career of sorts until I got an internship at a radio promotions company and the lady said I was good at reviewing and should look into doing it “professionally.” I then applied to write for Chicks with Guns (…RIP to an awesome site) and the first album I ever reviewed and had published with my name on it was a Take Action Compilation. Yes, it had a shit ton of songs, but this was the one I loved the most. So this, along with others really turned my life around and got me heading in a new direction.

The Tower and The Fool “Scoliosis” Saved Me from a Mental Breakdown

Remember that radio promotions company I just mentioned? Well, that was also the place that caused me endless migraines once I started to actually work there. It was a commission based job and I sucked at selling campaigns. Unlike almost everyone I knew, I didn’t have parents to rely on if I failed. Financially I was am on my own and at one point I’d gone months without a sale and was getting tired of dealing with the people I had to encounter there on a daily basis (minus the lady, she remains awesome). I was heading home one day, listening to The Tower and The Fool to review for Golden Mixtape and this song came on and I almost cried on public transportation. It was the friend I needed, that reassurance to keep on keeping on, ““Don’t put the bones in your back. They’re in your back and they are back. They’re there to hold you up, so don’t give up.” A couple weeks later I walked away from that job and never looked back.


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