Antibloom: EP

antibloom-ep-reviewIt’s been a weird week over here. Started things out with Alto Jeffro, an instrumental record that spooked and now we’re rounding out things with Antibloom’s EP. With just a few songs I thought listening and reviewing wouldn’t be take that long and I could knock it out, but the first listen seemed to drag on because I was like, oh shit…here we go again. A repeat of Monday, really? EP wasn’t as horror movie soundtrack as Alto Jeffro, and it wasn’t instrumental – but the um, experimental ways definitely left me with my head cocked to the side and my ears wondering why.

Let’s take this one song at a time. There’s only three, so it’s no trouble. “Gutslime” was the first one to make my week end like a trip down the rabbit hole. It was strange and I’m not even sure where you’d put this in a record store. That wasn’t the case with “Chest Pearl.” That was clearly alternative music that took on an experimental persona. Lastly, “Traxxler” …oh this one. It teams a speech from The Terminator with music and as the words’ passion increases, so does the music. While I was out of it at first, it turned out to be my favorite because it was unexpected. The Terminator – interesting.

Antibloom isn’t something I’d listen to, it’s more for those who like to take chances and leap off cliffs when it comes to music. If you’re that daring and like things that are different, then by all means check out EP. You’ll likely be appreciative of the record and make sure to note that it’s available for the “name your own price” deal, so that’s awesome, right? EP is out now.

Atlas: With Love, Evelyn McHale

atlas-with-love-evelyn-mchale-reviewIt’s easy to listen to a record and do other things, randomly taking a break to engage in making sure the email you’re about to save in drafts will be “the one” that lands you at least an interview. Welcome to my life at 1am and my time with AtlasWith Love, Evelyn McHale. Then you get sidetracked because you wonder if Evelyn McHale is someone to be known. That leads to a Googling session and reading about a woman who was done living. She took her life in a drastic way; jumped from the highest point she could off the Empire State Building. After the shock, you see the picture (their album cover) and you see why a band would note her in such a way. Who knows, had Evelyn McHale been in her mid-20s today, she might like this band that is like a going through the relics of a high school locker in 2003.

No, this isn’t your next favorite pop punk record. I could see where you jumped to that conclusion with the mention of a decade ago. But let’s not forget the other bands that were big then in their own right; The Used, Papa Roach and HIM. A song fit for the delicate disaster that was Evelyn’s last scene on earth, “An Elegant Self Destruction” was the song I’d put on my iPod, no questions asked. It reminded me of one of the aforementioned bands, minus the use of screaming. Oh The Used, what happened to you? Anyways, the modern, almost Gothic sounds of “Ticking Clock” and “Last Ride” were where the HIM comparisons came from. It was like I walked into a cave and there was a show being played; haunting yet fascinating. Then good ol’ Papa Roach, who I will never deny is one amazing live act, that only came to me once while listening to “Guilty As Charged.” Maybe Atlas didn’t get away with murder (get it…?)

It’s getting later or earlier depending on whom you ask. So as I stare at Jimmy Fallon through heavy eyes, I’ll wrap this up and hope a job is waiting for me tomorrow. Atlas, they’re if you took the best of those three bands and molded them into a more “with it” band. Evelyn McHale was a beautiful mess and if you happen to be interested in either her story or Atlas, please make sure to check out both. Her story is online, and With Love, Evelyn McHale also happens to be as well.

Saving Cadence: From Beaches to The Bay

saving-cadence-interview-golden-mixtapeThe closest I ever got to the Hawaiian Islands is through that Saved by the Bell summer special and 50 First Dates. I’m sure not even Zack Morris can do them justice when it comes to their beauty and culture. So when I heard the brother duo Saving Cadence was from there, I had to jump at the chance to chat them up. Luckily for them not every question involved volcanoes and spam.

The emailed conversation stuck to the musical side of these guys, who’ve had quite the life; from funding their own tour to saying Aloha to the place they call home. They’ve learned a lot over the years and have some sound advice to share. On top of that you can read on to find out what they’re currently working on and the future of Saving Cadence.

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