Saving Cadence: From Beaches to The Bay

saving-cadence-interview-golden-mixtapeThe closest I ever got to the Hawaiian Islands is through that Saved by the Bell summer special and 50 First Dates. I’m sure not even Zack Morris can do them justice when it comes to their beauty and culture. So when I heard the brother duo Saving Cadence was from there, I had to jump at the chance to chat them up. Luckily for them not every question involved volcanoes and spam.

The emailed conversation stuck to the musical side of these guys, who’ve had quite the life; from funding their own tour to saying Aloha to the place they call home. They’ve learned a lot over the years and have some sound advice to share. On top of that you can read on to find out what they’re currently working on and the future of Saving Cadence.

Kendra Beltran: Are there other siblings besides you two, the twins? If so, are they ever jealous of your guys’ musical bond?

Saving Cadence: Nope, just us – mom says we were supposed to be triplets believe it or not, but out popped just the two of us. A third lookalike would have been crazy though!

Kendra: With your current single being “Finally Alive,” let’s go back. When was the first time music really made you feel alive? That moment that made you think, this is what I have to do with my life.

Saving Cadence: It started back in high school when we were 15 watching Blink 182 tour videos. They were having so much fun messing around while achieving success just by being themselves and doing what they love to do – their art. The moment we started playing talent shows and getting a buzz is when we thought we could do the same thing and be like them.

Kendra: How hard was it to leave Hawaii? I mean being in the states is better for your career, but come on – you can’t beat the beauty of the islands.

Saving Cadence: This time around it wasn’t really hard at all. We lived in LA for a couple years before coming to The Bay and that was the initial struggle, and we ended up moving back home because of it. Now being in East Bay, we’re loving it so far. We’re older and wiser to our surroundings making it easier for us to adapt. It’d be nice going back for a short vacation to jump in the water and play with our local scene again, but we’d be anxious to get back and pursue further.

Kendra: What are three life and business lessons you learned when you stayed in LA? Any advice for people looking to land there to jumpstart their careers?

Saving Cadence: From personal experience – number one in a business sense, it’s a gnarly scene where people will eat you alive if you’re not smart and thick-skinned. Two – you got to network and work through the grind to get where you want to go, even if it feels like a dead end, another door opens eventually. Three – build trust. Being from Hawaii we spread the Aloha, which people on the “mainland” think is a little too nice and laid back. Don’t expect people to treat you the same and don’t get down about it, the real connections will shine through because you don’t have to try as hard to make it work.

Kendra: Now in the Bay area, what are you getting there musically that you might not have been able to attain while in SoCal?

Saving Cadence: People here are a lot nicer and open for acceptance. It doesn’t matter what niche you fall in to, there’s always a click for you, especially in the arts and music. In the short time we’ve been in The Bay area we’ve gotten hooked up with a sweet studio engineer/producer with our latest tracks, our own rehearsal space, networked with various event and show promoters. All of which is at a genuine level that we can relate to and not fake.

Kendra: How are managing to take advantage of that scene?

Saving Cadence: In the words of Brandon Boyd – “We’re just trying to keep our strange. To be unique and obscure.”

Kendra: Tell me a little more about “Sessions in the Bay.” Like why you started it and does it take priority over making a record?

Saving Cadence: SITB is an idea for us to get internet notoriety and sensationalism. We feel in this day and age social networking and digital media is the future of the industry, and if we don’t evolve we won’t survive. We’re trying hard these days to boost our YouTube channel and throw contests on our Facebook page to get fans involved and engaged. Hopefully in the next few episodes we can have a decent following and a package to present.

Kendra: Speaking of, when can fans expect a full-length?

Saving Cadence: We released our full length It Always Comes Back Around in March of last year which acclaimed us a few well-received songs. We got some press on it which led us to a big show opening up for legendary Jimmy Cliff. Our strategy right now is to release singles over a few months span so that we can always be blasting new content without our fans having to wait another year to two for the next album.

Kendra: When you did your self-financed tour back in 2008, was that the only time you did a traditional tour?

Saving Cadence: Yes it was. We honestly don’t understand how other bands do it. To have a decent paying daytime job to pay bills and go on a long vacation twice a year to come back broke again. Our current jobs wouldn’t be too stoked on that. We’re trying everything we can locally before spreading out. When we line up a tour again, we really want to make it count.

Kendra: Any plans to get back on the road, maybe take the “Sessions” across the country?

Saving Cadence: That would be cool! Sessions in the Nation! Haha!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for a picture perfect day on the beach in Hawaii, what five songs would have to be on it?

Saving Cadence:
Slightly Stoopid – “I Couldn’t Get High
Sublime – “Jailhouse
Dirty Heads – “Got No Time
The Movement – “Set Sail
Bob Marley – “Jammin’”


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