Love, Robot’s Alexa: Open Jitters & Fires

love-robot-interview-golden-mixtapeYou can never predict where your inspiration is going to come from. Who knew my history with Tiger Beat would end up influencing my mentality forever? From my endless love of bubblegum pop to my life goal of bringing TRL back. That came to mind after reading what Love, Robot’s Alexa San Roman had to say. She said a lot in what you’ll find below, but it was what made her musical that stuck out to me.

Other than surprising me with her influence, she opened up about everything from being open about herself to Love, Robot’s love of fan photos. We even touched on their latest single, “Fire Escape,” which you can check out here, or if you’re a visual person – I get that and you can check out the video below. It’s smart if you did because a lot of what you’ll read references it.

Kendra: I was watching 3 Ninjas as I wrote these out, and it got me wondering…If you were given the chance to put your music in a movie from your childhood, which would it fit best with and why?

Alexa San Roman: I’d have to go with Freaky Friday considering this movie is the reason I ever picked up a guitar. And she’s in a band and in the movie they have to play at the House of Blues, I think we could definitely throw a Love, Robot song in that scene.

Kendra: “Fire Escape” is obviously about relationship woes. So when it comes to having a relationship and being in a band who needs to have more trust, the one on the road or the partner back at home?

Alexa: I think trust is a two way street and no matter the situation on either end the amount of trust has to be the same of the relationship is destined for failure.

Kendra: Sticking with fire, if one broke out what would be the two things you’d instinctively grab?

Alexa: Phone and laptop (and hard drive) for sure haha.

Kendra: With Jenny Owen Youngs and Jess Bowen from The Summer Set coming out years after they sort of broke out in music, did you have any reservations about being open about who you are from the start, or were you always confident and like fuck it, I am who I am?

Alexa: I don’t really see a need to hide who I am. I’m proud of my life and I wouldn’t want to have to hold back anything because of fear of the world’s opinions.

Kendra: Where do you feel you’ve learned the most life lessons; school, home, work (if you have had to work “normal” jobs, or on the road? And what’s the biggest one you’ve learned from whichever one you chose?

Alexa: Home for sure, there’s been many big lessons I’ve learned one of the biggest would have to be that you just can’t change people who don’t want to be changed and learning to know when to bite my lip and walk away.

Kendra: You’re probably pretty relaxed playing around New York, so are there any butterflies in your stomachs when you have to leave the comfort zone?

Alexa: I think we all get pre-show jitters no matter where we play; it’s just the built up excitement. The minute we play our first notes it disappears.

Kendra: I used to avoid pictures at all costs, so I can’t imagine being in a band and someone asking for a picture with me. Is that ever weird for you when someone asks for a photo memento?

Alexa: Definitely not, I think it’s one of the coolest things when someone wants a photo with me. I know all the guys and I love group shots together, it’s all super flattering.

Kendra: You’re on the beach in your new video “Fire Escape” so I thought why not stick with the theme. So if you had to make a beach party mixtape, what five songs would you put on there?

1901” Phoenix
Oceans” The Format
Sweater Weather” The Neighbourhood
Chocolate” The 1975
So Fast, So Maybe” K Flay

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