Andrew of Vela Ceras: Nashville, Horror & Divas

vela-ceras-interview-golden-mixtapeEver have the thought that you indeed have some sort of guardian angel? That was me yesterday as I sat stressing over the loss of $50 bucks, but then was one the receiving end of a grand gesture. I’m not the least bit religious, but that made me question miracles. So as I sit here a little less stressed with cookies invading my mouth, I’m reading over Andrew Selkow of Vela Cera’s answers and just loving every second. How could you not love a dude who enjoys the comedic ways of New Girl as much as you?

Other than both having a place in our hearts for a douchebag, you can find out what Vela Ceras has been up to since they dropped When We Fold last year, if country music was ever their plan, how I’m apparently too “LA” because of my wording and more.

Kendra: Did your square one happen to be in Orlando or Nashville?

Andrew Selkow: I believe our square one happened in Nashville. We changed our name in Florida, and began the recording process there, but once we packed up all of our stuff and got on the road, it was a new start. No one knew us, we had no friends, we were completely out of our element. It’s kind of like going to a new school, but definitely Nashville. There is a lot of music here, and culture.

Kendra: When I hear a band moved to Nashville, TN I automatically assume they’re country. Was that Vela Ceras’ initial musical plan?

Andrew: It didn’t even cross our minds like that; we didn’t really move here for the music scene, we moved here to be in the middle of the east coast. I mean, the music scene is a huge plus, and Nashville thrives with hot new country artists, but we have our own thing going on.

Kendra: I read that you’re really into horrible horror movies. So if you had to put When We Fold in one of those, which would it be and why? Like where would the feel and sound of the record fit best?

Andrew: I think a movie like Cabin in the Woods would be a good movie to put our record in, or just a really gory badly done slasher film. I think any terrible horror movie would fit our EP well because it’s an aggressive vibe, and sometimes creepy.

Kendra: When We Fold dropped back in December 2012. What have you guys been up to since then; promoting, playing, making more music?

Andrew: Since we moved up to Nashville we have been consistently writing new music, we probably have like 20 songs in the works and 8 that will definitely make the new record. We plan to go into the studio fairly soon to start our new record. We haven’t been playing out much since the EP dropped, but we have been trying to spread our name as much as possible.

Kendra: I couldn’t help but notice the party princess picture on your Facebook. No need to explain, just curious as to who’s the biggest diva in the band when it comes to getting ready for shoots and shows?

Andrew: That was a fun day, it was Kyle’s birthday and I really love throwing cheesy ridiculous parties for the bandmates. I think we are all divas in our own way, I stare in the mirror for at least 30 minutes a day, Kyle takes at least an hour to pick an outfit, Avory cannot match anyone else in the band, no matter what. He will take off what he is wearing if any of us match him in any way. I hope that answers your question.

Kendra: Since we’re talking about divas…One of the biggest perks of hitting the “big time” is getting to go to all those awards shows and parties. This isn’t because there are celebs there, it’s because you get those swag bags. What would your dream swag bag contain?

Andrew: I don’t think I’ve ever heard the term “swag bag,” but I think If I could have one it would consist of lots of food items; lots of candy, a whole jar of green skittles and strawberry soda.

Kendra: You love Schmidt on New Girl (as do I), so who does each member of the band identify with most out of the New Girl characters?

Andrew: I’d honestly have to say Kyle would be Zooey Deschanel, haha. I think Avory would have to be Schmidt, Don would be Winston, and I’d have to be Nick.

Kendra: Say you had to make a “going home” mixtape, one you’d play driving from Nashville to Orlando, what five songs would have to be on there?

Blood Pressure” Mutemath
Purple Yellow Red And Blue” Portugal. The Man
My Number” Foals
Bowery” Local Natives
Alleyways” The Neighbourhood


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