Palisades: Outcasts

palisades-outcasts-reviewWhen you’re a spinster, you better have some nieces and nephews to keep you in the loop of what’s hip with the kids. My newest nephew lets me know what’s cool as far as Nick Jr. is concerned, but then there’s my youngest niece who often keeps life interesting and has gone from rapping Eminem to declaring her love for that inked lovely from Bring Me The Horizon. So every time I get a band like Palisades in my inbox, I think…I wonder if she’s already into them or can I be the cool aunt and tell her about them? It’s most likely that she’s already heard Palisades new album Outcasts, and if her local Wal-Mart had it, she’s got it. They’re a post-hardcore band who tosses electronic music in the mix and likely has one of those abrasive looking band tees you see at Warped, but despite the age gap between me and my niece, I found some tracks that I enjoyed.

Let’s get to the ones that my niece and everyone around her age will love. So if you’re still required to go to school by law, listen up. Make your Tumblr posts quoting “We Are All,” and don’t forget to indulge in the overbearing ways of “Your Disease.” Then settle down and make “Outcasts” the anthem of your adolescence. Out of the three, I’d say Palisades “Outcasts” in a prime example of knowing your audience, and it’s likely the one on a loop in Hot Topics across the country.

As for the ones I didn’t mind at all. Give me the calmer ones on Outcasts any day. “A Disasterpiece” was the first one I wasn’t intimidated by and it was the pace of “The Arctic” that caught my attention. As for “A.I.,” I wanted to write it off at first due to the dance party intro. It threw me a curve ball, but I managed to end up falling for it and its ode to that Jude Law movie with the creepy ass teddy bear. Of course I’d end up liking “Sidney” the most. The cute, soft love song made me wish my mom had named me different.

I won’t be going out of my way to see Palisades live any time soon because well, I’d likely get my ass kicked by one of their fans during “Outcasts,” but I’ll leave the album in my iTunes and continue listening to the tracks I’ve come to enjoy. You can catch Palisades on tour right now with The Almost and if you’re into bands like That’s Outrageous and Hands Like Houses, then check out Outcasts, out now on Rise Records.



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