Have Mercy: The Earth Pushed Back

have-mercy-the-earth-pushed-back-reviewEvery other month the internet acts up and causes me to take the little box off life support for a while. This time I took it as a sign to be productive. After a three day weekend and a case of hot as balls weather, I found myself discouraged from doing anything other than eating pop tarts. At first I failed to take the bait and finally listen to Have Mercy’s The Earth Pushed Back (I’ve had it planned for some time now), but instead I colored in the tattoos on my leg. After Dale of Chip N’ Dale was painted up nice, I found myself deep into The Earth Pushed Back.

Just a few days ago this album was spinning while I was on the subway, but I was distracted by the man with one too many pieces of metal in his face. So now, as I sit with no internet access…Have Mercy has my undivided attention and I’m better for it. From the post break-ups of “Cigarettes and Old Perfume” to the escape route of “Ancient West,” I found myself adding them and their record to my “favs of the year list” by the time the record wrapped up. Lyrically things were straight forward with human emotions and experiences, no whimsy here. Musically Have Mercy reminded me of The Tower and The Fool minus the folk element, unless you get to “Living Dead.” The feminine touch in that one makes you think it was more an indie record. If you’re one of those people who need a cheat sheet, then check out “Hell” and the small talk starter, “Let’s Talk About Your Hair.”

It always feels like I’m keeping a journal on the Oregon Trail when I’m cut off from the internet. Minute 48 and still no sign of WiFi. Things are getting rough, but at least this down time gave me some much needed music time. Have Mercy falls somewhere between the sadness brought by The Tower and The Fool and the rage of Pentimento. If you happen to fancy those bands, don’t be like me and wait for your connection to go down and make some time for The Earth Pushed Back, out now on Topshelf Records.

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