Carraway: White Walls

carraway-white-walls-reviewMemorial Day weekend was more depressing than relaxing. This is especially true for a girl who spends almost all her time with a laptop in hand. I had to abandon my love of writing for a trio of days filled with family time, drama and game nights. While it was a mixture of fun and sadness, I am happy to be back in the arms of my normal late night routine with Carraway’s White Walls. Their album too is made up of grief and good times. Okay, so maybe the good times were had by me instead of the band, but still. Their post-hardcore laced with melodies is just what I needed to jump back into things.

While I tried to earn a free room in Vegas for September via a Facebook app, I started White Walls and was met with a line from Groundhog Day in “Anechoic.” I turned into those annoying English majors and tried to read too into this one. Anechoic means “free from echoes” and the line is from a movie about being on repeat. I had to assume with lines like “spelling out everything I hate in me,” this song was about the continuous self-loathing of an individual, which no one ever hears. That’s just my guess though. “Once Bright” slipped by unnoticed each time, but I’d say that’s okay because “Wake” is the recommended track anyways. It has an indie start, but once the vocals kick in, it’s the same troubled vigor that’s heard throughout the rest of White Walls.

My hands are still getting back into their keyboard formation as the clock strikes half past midnight and I stare down a pile of “must get this shit done because we lost a day.” But one thing’s for sure, Carraway is already taken care of. So if you enjoy music from bands like Constraints and Old Rules, then you’ll like what you get when you listen to Carraway. White Walls is out now, so get on it.

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