The New Regime: Exhibit A

1106-1It’s amazing how we often glaze over the process of recording – forgetting that there are real people in the studio behind the instruments. We almost never know their names, or care to look at their Instagram because to the average listener, they’re nothing in comparison to those who take the stage and sing over the instrumentals. Illan Rubin is a new name in my musical dictionary, and it shouldn’t be. I’m familiar with his beats on Paramore’s latest self-title album, and am no stranger to Angels & Airwaves. Recently, Rubin’s project, The New Regime, has released one of it’s first of many installments, Exhibit A.

Exhibit A features 8 tracks of pure alternative rock. “Hope is Gone,” is the first track encountered by listeners, and is a nice preface of what is to come. The high-energy head-banger leads into a more dissonant sounding piece, “Touch of Reality,” with “Don’t Chase It,” to follow. The hook on this particularly reminds me of something heard on Good Charlotte’s Good Morning Revival album. You will be happy to find a tie to daydreams on Exhibit A, but it’s not exactly as whimsical as Paramore’s.

Admittedly, after the initial four tracks, I found myself to get a little bored with the sound. It didn’t help that “This Is A New World,” fell right into the middle of the album with a Coldplay/Radiohead ambience. Luckily, the album picks up again with “Say What You Will.” Surprisingly, the final track, “Know How It Feels,” is a little acoustic jam. The acoustics is a nice turn from the heavy guitars and the even louder drums (which seemed to dominate the majority of the space).

Although I wouldn’t go so far as to saying that I’m The New Regime’s biggest fan, I would go so far as to say that I have a great amount of respect for Illan Rubin. He’s clearly a gifted musician who is capable of shaping the musical world one pedal to the kick drum at a time. The New Regime’s, Exhibit A, is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

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