Kenny Feinstein: Busking and Bloody Valentines

kenny-feinstein-interview-golden-mixtapeEveryone has those albums they hold close to their existence. No matter how long it goes between your last listen, the words still sit at the forefront of your memory, and the emotion it evokes is like a reunion with your best friend. Anyone who is into music will tell you that their favorite album is either a reminder of a time, something that got through a rough patch, the reason they fell in love with music, or all of the above. I have five albums on hand that I could talk volumes about, but let’s put the focus on a dear friend of mine, Kenny Feinstein.

When I met Kenny over the course of a few emails and phone calls thanks to an old job a few years ago, he was talking about making a record based on one of his favorites; My Bloody Valentine. Now we’re finally approaching the finish line and sometime closer to September 17th, I’ll post my thoughts on it, because as of right now the link to listen sits comfortably starred for importance in my inbox.

Since we can’t dish too much on the new homage record to My Bloody Valentine, a record where Kenny takes MBV and puts his own spin and perspective to it, we’ll chat a bit about his time with Against Me, musical evolutions, Monsters and more.

Kendra: Last time (the first time) I saw you, you were about to head out on the road with Against Me. How’d that go?

KENNY FEINSTEIN: It was so amazing. That band is so strong. I admire them so very much. We also made new friends with Fake Problems, another amazing Florida band.  What an honor it was to play with our heroes every night. We really got to tap into the scene we have been moving towards.

Kendra: Your band’s style has evolved since I first heard of you guys. What brought about the shift from Bluegrass to a more punk influenced sound?

KENNY: It’s always had elements of punk but we feel the older music becoming similar to the newer music and vice versa.  Bluegrass and Old-time music have an element of punk in them.

Kendra: Did you crave making a tribute record to My Bloody Valentine from the moment you heard them? Did thoughts of putting your take on their songs with a fiddle flood your mind constantly?

KENNY: Ha!  When I first heard them I was confused as to why people liked them, but slightly intrigued. I then forced listening and fell head over heels for this record.  I think I got broken up with because I was so into this record.

Kendra: It seems like you’ve been working on this MBV tribute a long time…Why the long road?

KENNY: Just took time to put together the sound we wanted. It also took time for me to get the money together to record it properly at Bruce Kaphan’s amazing studio with Jeff Kazor guiding us through the dark.

Kendra: Are there any other artists/albums that you might pay homage to?

KENNY: Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, Stars of the Lid, Sonic Boom, Charlie Parker.

Kendra: Your life has been music centered for so long, do you think you could ever work in any other field?

KENNY: Absolutely not.  I am born to do this all the time; till I can’t anymore.   I like teaching music though.

Kendra: You often perform on street corners, what’s that called again? Well, are there any crazy stories from any of those performances?

KENNY: It’s called busking.  And there are a few crazy stories…One is that we stopped to busk outside of a music shop in Brighton, England and people started raining gifts of cider and food to coins and candies. It was a scene out of movie. Then one band member got stung by a bee while doing a summersault.

Kendra: When you r band hits the road in June, will you be tossing some MBV in the set?

KENNY: MBV in the set? Maybe.

Kendra: Totally sort of off topic, but if your music had to be in one of the following Blockbusters, which would you want and why; Iron Man, Monsters University or Fast & Furious 6.

KENNY: Monsters University due to the fuzzy-ness.

Kendra: Since school is wrapping up for the youths, I want you to give me your top 5 songs for an “Almost Summer” mix, go!

Blink 182 “Online Songs
Velvet Underground “Sunday Morning
Thelonius Monk “Crepescule with Nellie
Rancid “Radio
Shania Twain “Man I Feel Like a Woman


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