Justin Chapman and Citadel’s City-Sounding Soup

Citadel Small

A week ago, I met Philadelphia-based band, Citadel. Started by FeedBack Loop founder, Justin Chapman, Citadel has recently released their first 4-track self-titled EP. If you remember a week ago, which I vaguely do (I’m completely sober!), I reviewed the album in its entirety. Should you get lazy and decide to ignore the embedded hyperlink, I’ll pull a line from the review to give you a basic idea: “There is a concoction of musical elements influence by a variety of genres that blend and work together, like a maple syrup and bacon cupcake.”

Needless to say, although we’ve previously interviewed with Chapman regarding his music subscription start-up, we thought it best to keep both projects separate. So, without further ado, here is what the multi-talented artistic entrepreneur had to say.

ASHLEY JEAN: It’s cool that Citadel was a collaboration project of local Philadelphia artists, making it a musical concoction of sorts. If you could describe the album’s sound by way of soup, which one do you feel best describes the EP?


ASHLEY JEAN: Philadelphia is primarily known for its cheese steak – but what is it about this city that people should really know about?

JUSTIN CHAPMAN: Very up and coming city. In all regards…music, food, business, etc.

ASHLEY JEAN: I felt as though the musicality of the city really came through in your music, sort of like how Doug Funny wrote “Bangin’ on a Trash Can.” Do you think that location can influence the way a person writes/creates?


ASHLEY JEAN: Amongst being a musician and producer, you are also an entrepreneur of sorts. Is there anything you find yourself to be limited at doing?

JUSTIN CHAPMAN: I’m very limited in a lot of my skill sets, but I just go for things anyways.

ASHLEY JEAN: Will FeedbackLoop feature something special for Citadel’s release on May 7th?


ASHLEY JEAN: Are they any plans to play a few shows to showcase the songs?

JUSTIN CHAPMAN: Citadel is playing a CD release on July 20th.

ASHLEY JEAN: Pretend you’re an art show, which song would you select from Citadel and place on display for auction?

JUSTIN CHAPMAN: “Heartstrings.”

ASHLEY JEAN: Lastly, because this is Golden Mixtape, it’s time to create yours: Choose your Top 5 artists outside of the Philadelphia are and their songs, that you one day dream of collaborating with. Go!

JUSTIN CHAPMAN: Same from the last one! Most of which I believe was Justin Timberlake…

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