Foreign Talks: From Coffee Shops to Hip Hop

foreign-talks-interview-golden-mixtape-When I was 17…Oh no, this isn’t that show on MTV that sucks you into marathons, but an actual statement I’m going to use to get a bit nostalgic for a second. When I was 17 I thought my social life would turn around, but instead became even more of a sad tale to look back on. That doesn’t seem to be the case for the guys of Foreign Talks though. Ranging from ages 17-19, these youths (I’m allowed to say that as I just hit 26), have more for going them right now that I ever could’ve imagined. They’re not just a garage band hoping for the best. They’re signed and ready to take on the world. Really, Foreign Talks’ Marcus Fischer said something along those lines. You’ll have to keep on reading to see what he was talking about.

This isn’t my first encounter with Foreign Talks though. A couple months back I got to listen to their debut album and while it was an indie pop delight, I was shocked to find myself hearing and loving their hip hop like flavor sprinkled about. So we had to talk about not only that, but what their parents think of their band life, popularity and more.

Kendra: Does/Did the whole being in a band thing help with your popularity in high school, or did people treat you basically the same?

Marcus Fischer: It didn’t really affect the popularity but people were definitely interested.

Kendra: What happened to that song you all wrote when you first played together, did it make the record?

Marcus: We wrote a lot of songs in the beginning that didn’t make the record and we will release them one day. But “Mama” was definitely one of our first songs.

Kendra: I often go back and reread longer articles I’ve written and find things I want to change. Do you ever finding yourself doing that with your music? Like is there a song on the new record that you hear something you want to fix/change?

Marcus: Definitely I think a true artist is never satisfied completely with their work because opinions change and something can always be added or subtracted but that’s the beauty of life.

Kendra: My favorite part of Foreign Talks was the hip hop influenced parts. You take care of those, but if you had a rap name, what would it be?

Marcus: The record might showcase my flow a little but me and Madison have been rapping for a while. We actually plan on making a hip hop record in the near future. If I was to choose, I would release it under “Marcus Fischer” honestly or “Shinobi MC.”

Kendra: Speaking of hip hop, I recently read about a baggy pants ban in Louisiana. Thoughts on the matter?

Marcus: Seems like a pointless ban. Let people dress the way they want. Why spend money on trying to get that ban. Pretty comical.

Kendra: Noticed no tour dates, what’s up with that (cue Jason Sudeikis doing the running man)?

Marcus: Were actually in the midst of constructing a tour but for the next couple months well be chippin’ away at the local scene; Portland, Seattle, etc. But we definitely have plans to tour the world and beyond.

Kendra: Are there places you all have tried to book, but can’t play based on one of you still being a youngin’?

Marcus: We haven’t really aimed high for any bars yet, but we’ve been privileged to play at a couple. But seeing that we’re signed to a label, it’s easier for us to get those gigs.

Kendra: Usually I’m curious as to when bands felt like their band was the right way to go in life, but I’m more interested in when your guys parents believed band life was okay for their kids? Was it instant, or are they still getting used to it?

Marcus: Some of our parents support a little more than others but I believe it’s one of the things I NEED to accomplish so there is nothin’ holdin’ me back.

Kendra: Since you’re only about two hours away from Seattle (not that far…), I want you to give me the top 5 songs you’d put on a coffee shop mixtape, go!

Frank Sinatra “Night & Day
Digable Planets “Where I’m From
Bombay Bicycle Club “Lamplight
Bob Marley “Crazy Baldhead
A Tribe Called Quest “We’ve Got the Jazz


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