Kurt von Stetten: Androlafi

kurt-von-stetton-androlafi-reviewToday was pretty relaxing with only six things to write, then at around noon I grew bored and turned into Jess from New Girl, “No bottoms! No bottoms!” Okay, my pants stayed on, but I was that bored and wasn’t planning on adding another writing assignment to my day. Instead I sang along (horribly) to Paramore, took a shower and then looked at tomorrow’s agenda. There say Kurt von Stetten’s name, so I decided to get a head start and head into his new album, Androlafi.

From the imagery, to the whimsy in the music, it’s always like a journey into Narnia when you listen to a Kurt von Stetten album and Androlafi is no different. Much like 2012’s Cyclops, this album is pretty much an indie delight due to tracks like “Anger” and “Anthropos Elafi.” That’s not to say the whole album sounds like a Silverlake farmer’s market soundtrack. There were other tracks that took a little from the 80’s, “First Daughter” and “Pounding Strange,” and a little from R.E.M. When “Stockholm Boy” started I thought…wait, this sounds like something I love, only a smidge different. The vocal style was like if you took R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” and slowed it down. That song wasn’t alone, as “Things A Camera Would Say” had a similar R.E.M. like sound as well.

It almost got put off tomorrow, but why wait, grab a Snickers, oh wait, no. Make sure to grab Kurt von Stetten’s Androlafi if you’re into music that’s a blend of 80’s, indie and Michael Stipe, or you’re into artists like Gatsby and Brown Show. Androlafi is out now, so don’t wait and check it out now.


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