Lincoln of Wild Party: Batman, Basements and Beachy Blondes

wild-party-interview-golden-mixtapeLast night I saw New Found Glory and knew when I got home I needed to watch and recap The Vampire Diaries. Instead I fucked around on the same sites my mind mentally goes through over and over again, and didn’t get to TVD until 3am. For two hours I watched, took notes and recapped my heart out. Unhappy with the final product I headed to bed and am now regretting only getting five hours of sleep. Those are the types of wild nights I have; pop punk and teen vampire shows. I’m not fit for a real wild party, but the guys of Wild Party must be since that’s their name. They’d be weird to have my lifestyle, wouldn’t you say?

Wild Party is a young indie pop band from Texas who has a new EP coming your way in May. It currently inhabits my iTunes (jealous?), but it’s too soon to tell you about that, so instead we’ll give you a little something else, an interview. Wild Party’s Lincoln Kreifels was nice enough to chat SXSW times, an odd (but awesome) celebrity choice and more. So keep your eyes in the reading position and check all that out below…

Kendra: Being from Texas, are you guys going to find yourselves at SXSW?

Lincoln: Yes, but we’re just hanging with peeps this year. We’ve found that without much of a reputation, you become the smallest of potaters at SXSW and we like ours phat and juicy.

Kendra: If you all happened to get to these after the matter, how was SXSW as a fan and as a band?

Lincoln: It was a mighty fine drunken adventure. It was the most accurate depiction that could be made of what wild party in heaven must be like. Booze, Babes, and Bands…

Kendra: Say you’re new album All Nighter was going to be the soundtrack to some celebrity’s party. Which celeb do you think would choose your tunes for their shindig and why?

Lincoln: I would have to go with Batman because like Batman, Wild Party has a sort of multiple personality disorder.

Kendra: So you took Phantom Pop off iTunes? What was the reasoning behind that decision?

Lincoln: It was a difficult decision but we felt it might be a better strategy to attempt to build up our fan base in every way possible before blowing all our catalog at once. I think it’s working so far… and the full LP (Phantom Pop) will come out again eventually. Our EP comes out May 21!

Kendra: How hard is it on the band with Ethan being in California?

Lincoln: It’s difficult, not just because he’s beachier, blonder, and more beautiful but because you can’t kiss or make love through SKYPE. Or can you? Nah… But seriously it’s very easy. He comes to San Antonio all the time. It’s also nice to have breaks from each other…In a loving way.

Kendra: Do you have any future plans for the rest of the year in terms of touring?

Lincoln: We wanna tour the WORLD and play in your basement!! Or parents basement…or uncle’s pizza parlor. Actually we do have quite a few upcoming touring plans…We’ll definitely keep you guys posted as soon as more are confirmed. Be excited…

Kendra: “When I Get Older” got me wondering what you were into when you were younger, so if you had to make a mixtape of the top 5 songs you listened to when you were a teen, what would you put on it?

Lincoln: Hmmmmm…Very tough sir…I’d say…
Brazos “Mary Jo
The Strokes “The End Has No End
Phoenix “Long Distance Call
Midlake “It Covers The Hillside
The Ronettes “Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love

*Final Note: Now that there is Lincoln’s list and is in no way a good rep of the rest of the band…also couldn’t possibly pick up a true top 5 but I’ve loved each of those songs very much for many a year.

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